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    My first BP mortar

    Ive cast more impressive bits
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    My first BP mortar

    I cast a batch of these, remember too much powder and the ball is too hard to track. We would fire out into the ocean but could you imagine going to a golf course with your mortar and a putter
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    Agind brass

    sprinkle some powder around it and ignite. The heat fumes and residue will make short work. I will then steel wool so the lines stay dark.
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    Big Cannons!

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    Best flint

    I use a WIDE variety of flints in a wide variety of guns size ranges from 3/8 to 1.25 and most defiantly some locks like different types of flint. Often people feel they can get more shots out of a flint by changing the flint when in truth they need to be looking at the lock itself. Some locks...
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    Ferguson Rifle Build

    Nicely done, I have a complete kit sitting on the bench for when I get inspiration as well.
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    Scratch built longrifle

    I usually get lock casting from TRS, on this one I found an original lock in need of repairs.. Sometimes its easier to buy a barrel but it all depends on what Im building.
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    Opinion on dog locks?

    Another thought, early barrels in general were large bore tapered octagon to round which can be more difficult to find without a significant wait
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    Opinion on dog locks?

    A very good explanation of why there is a learning curve and practice. It may be beneficial if one wants to learn to buy 2 or 3 sets of castings so as to have something to practice with. Rich, are you still doing flints, if so send me a message?
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    18th century reenacting in East Tennessee

    Moving to W TN myself. I have a few events I have been to and will return. I have found it is good to pick some events and make friends at those events. If there is a local historical site they will usually have something going on that you can be more involved with on a regular basis. I...
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    Opinion on dog locks?

    Same as a snaphaunce, the cock goes thru the tumbler and is pinned on the inside. I also have an early original dutch transition lock where the tumbler has a stud that comes out and a nut on the outside holds it on.
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    Opinion on dog locks?

    If loading with simply powder and wanting some amazing pictures try to use a very small (maybe 30 grains in a 75 cal) of cannon grade unpacked and unwadded. The small charge is very quiet and with a longer exposure the cannon grade burns slower.
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    Middlesex Village Trading Co

    I have worked over many India guns from various importers. The town in India where these are made has many different "factories" Loyalist and Veteran get from a better factory than Middlesex/general etc. In general the guns are better from Loyalist and VA. Some models are made better than...
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    Opinion on dog locks?

    Ive done a fair bit of TRS locks to say the least. Currently I have one I will be using on the next hand cannon. As well as 2 more on the way for a pair of coach guns, they were in stock when I ordered them last november. Maybe they will ship soon. Probably the most important part when...
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    Pedersoli vs. Loyalist Arms Indian

    I hear that frequently about "interchangeability and availability" of pendersoli parts. I have a HF pistol and found a new lock for it, definitely not "interchangeable nor were the parts while they both were pendersoli. On the availability who sells/stocks parts? Perhaps just perhaps the...