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    A knock around holster or two

    Further to the above, which had gotten lost. The second holster is even older being at least 50. It was made using cheap belly leather off cuts and was designed to fully protect the pistol in the bush, first resident was an original Colt Navy with a square back trigger guard and a three digit...
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    A knock around holster or two

    Couple of my holsters. The first is about 40 years old and is made with just two pieces, the flap also forms the belt loop and the bootlace drawcord closes it snugly.
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    Beware of that old muzzleloader

    There was a story, some 60 years ago, in an English m/l publication about an accident with a loaded blunderbuss. His Lordship (unnamed) had asked his butler to take the gun down from the wall and clean it, the butler decided to remove the breech plug and put the barrel in a vyce, he then applied...
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    My third pair of Pistols

    I don’t remember ever seeing adjustable rere sights on a pistol before like those. Beautiful.
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    My third pair of Pistols

    ‘—————. ————— —————- “ words fail me.
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    Make your tank out of steel pipe. What degree of vacuum are you going to use?
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    Hey Y'all

    Welcome from New England
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    Hello from Belleville, IL

    Welcome from New England.
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    Very interesting, read the lot but now I must poq..
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    Greetings from Wisconsin!!

    Welcome from New England.
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    Hello from Mass!

    Welcome from New England.
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    G'Day From Australia

    Welcome from New England, the one near you :)
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    Hello from Germany

    Welcome from the other New England.
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    An old pair of dividers

    Just Googled “LODI” and it’s a brand name; should’ve looked earlier :)
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    An old pair of dividers

    Got this a few months ago at the monthly market, didn’t work/move at the time so only paid a speculative dollar. Cleaned up (long way to go :) ) works well. Made in the US some time after 1905 patent date. The legs are folded construction with apparently welded in points. manual coarse...