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    How fast is a Hawken ball?

    I’m not a powder pincher by any means, because I’ve several pounds looking for the most accurate load for my Lyman .54 cal GPR. Even with only 65 gr. of 3f Goex behind a round ball, it will still push a ball through both shoulder blades of deer 75-80 yards away. I’m good with that. I can...
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    500 Yards, Stock 1:48 Twist TC Renegade .50 Cal

    “The proofs in the puddin!” Very VERY impressive!
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    Score: Percussion Caps

    Several days ago, I went into a Walmart near me in Louisiana and checked out the sporting goods section. Pushed down in the back behind some other unrelated items, I saw a full box of #11 caps in their blister packs. I got 8 packs and placed them on the counter to pay for them. Some kid showed...
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    That’s plenty good to keep’em off of ya!
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    FOR SALE WTS Armisport 1842 Smoothbore Musket - .69 Caliber

    There’s always “that guy”. 🙄
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    Old guy found his way back!

    I don’t think I’m an Ole timer, but my back is proving my mind is a liar. 😉
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    Looking for real BP in Houston, TX/group order?

    I just went there the other day and they said they have BEEN out. 😒
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    Kibler kit assembly and carving

    As good as this progress looks, if you’re up at night, you might as well be working on this rifle! It really does look great. I’m serious about this. Keep it up.
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    Brand new .54 cal Green mountain barrel. Disgusting!

    They’ll get over it.... 😒😏
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    What flintlock tools do I need?

    I have seen one similar to this tool and W really liked it. The main difference was, it had an opening (can’t remember now if it was round or square) to be used as a ramrod puller. I guess I should have taken pictures or asked more questions about it.
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    Thank you Mr Joe! Now to the range. Perfect, just like the instructions said.
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    Great Plains Rifle

    I love my GPR in 54 cal. I’ve spent hours trying to find the best load for it to no avail, then a friend of mine suggested starting low. I wound up finding that my rifle actually liked a lower load of 3f than a higher load of 2f. That was odd to me, as many people use 2f in a 54 and larger...
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    Military Heritage Muskets and pistols.

    Looking at this website, I see some really fair prices on muskets and pistols. None have the vent holes drilled, but that’s nothing. Has anyone ever had experience with this site? They seem to have a fairly solid return policy for full money back, just pay for shipping. The pistol I am looking...
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    Making a British Officer's Pistol

    Pretty much the way I tend to feel. 😆
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    Building a pistol kit

    Well, I had sent my request to you to tell about the pistol BEFORE I went to the first page and saw all the information in your initial post! Oh well, she’s going to be beauty for sure. Having built several rifles and Fowlers,I have long wanted to build a pistol and am still taking in every bit...