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    Tips of hand gun shooting

    Hello, I have also found "Follow Through"to be probably the singularly most effective and rewarding technique when shooting muzzle loading pistols and revolvers while also being the easiest to learn. Air pistols have a similarly slow "Lock Time" and consequently make ideal trainers for shooting...
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    Rogers and Spencer

    This may not be of much help in the U.S.A., but the Euroarms Rogers & Spencer is still being advertised as available here in the UK. https://www.henrykrank.com/guns/euroarms-roger-spencer-standard-blue-7-1-2-barrel-black-powder-revolver-44-cal.html Brian
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    Are the ring rub/scratch marks on a revolver typical?

    Unless there is a noticeable binding of the cylinder, I don't believe there is a need to address what is a common and purely cosmetic issue present on many revolvers. I have owned and regularly used five Uberti replica revolvers over a twenty five year period and none noticeably exhibited this...
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    Conical Bullet For Ruger Old Army.

    Hi, Can anybody recommend a commercially available soft lead conical bullet that would be suitable for use in a Ruger Old Army. Thanks Brian
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    Cased Remington New Model Navy.

    I forgot to add that we must also keep an endorsed record of the use of each firearm listed on the FAC to be produced at time of renewal as evidence of regular use. If the recorded use is less than around three times each year, the firearm could be removed from the list of authorised firearms on...
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    Cased Remington New Model Navy.

    When applying for a Firearms Certificate in the UK you must specify the type and calibre of each firearm wanted together with a justification for each listed firearm. The justification is normally full membership of an approved shooting club suitable for the requested firearms. Approved clubs...
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    An Everyday Tool.

    Great thought ! Brian
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    Cased Remington New Model Navy.

    Hi, We can acquire original muzzle loading firearms without license in the UK provided they are used only for "curiosity or ornament". Should you own an original for actual use, it must be added to a Firearms Certificate ( FAC) issued by the local police authority. The process for obtaining an...
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    Personal Best.

    Hello, Absolutely no offence taken. I definitely wouldn't describe myself as a purist, but I too believe that using anything other than BP in an original just wouldn't feel right. BP substitutes just happen to be more convenient for me with no reduced performance in my replica revolvers. Brian
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    Personal Best.

    I probably won't end up ever shooting my original Remington Navy, but should I ever do so, I promise I will respect its ancestry by only using traditional black powder. Even though I may never shoot it, its nice to know that it would still be capable of use after surviving for all those years. Brian
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    Personal Best.

    Hello, I only use Black Powder substitute due to the UK restrictions associated with the licensing and storage of explosives rather than propellants. To tell the truth, I have used both without any noticeable difference in results except the 777 seems a bit easier to clean after shooting. I used...
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    Personal Best.

    I have been able to visit the range on only three occasions following the three month lockdown in the UK which has now been relaxed to allow outdoor ranges to open. The first two visits involved getting used to the many new procedures with most of the limited time being devoted to sanitising and...
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    Cased Remington New Model Navy.

    Hi, Nothing special about the case which was never meant to be historically accurate. The case itself used to contain a relatively cheap cutlery set with the box being surplus to requirements once the contents had been removed. It was only necessary to remove the existing partitions and replace...
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    Cased Remington New Model Navy.

    Although cased Remington revolvers are not normally seen as often as Colts, I assembled a case for my Remington New Model Navy with some reproduction accoutrements and an original cap tin just to keep me occupied during the Corona lockdown. Brian
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    Antique Firearm Restoration.

    I recently posted a thread relating to some marks on the bottom of the grips of a couple of original muzzle loading revolvers I own indicting their use as a hammer at some time in its past. There has been quite a bit of controversy here in the UK over the years regarding the extent of "cleaning...