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    CVA ,54 INFO needed please

    Should be marked on the barrel. If the lock is flat along the bottom it's a Missouri the trigger guard looks like one. Pictures are to dark to really tell.looks to be in great shape.
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    Bois d'arc stock?

    Not for gunstocks!! Don't do it. I've worked lots of it and I have logs bigger then you can reach around. Great for knife scales and tools. Also for accents and bows. It's hard to see the grain flow and it will split out. I would like to try on the c and c though.
  3. Century to late

    How NOT to ship a gunstock!

    Ya I got one like that last week and shipped ups. Took all kinda of pictures before opening. Lucky again I guess.
  4. Century to late

    Naming your guns?

    My 1980's mountain big bore in .58 is called iron maiden.
  5. Century to late

    What to do? How to fix?

    Ca glue is best choice it can be colored with great results. Test it out on scrap wood first. Look for medium or thick viscosity.
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    High aspirations

    They say we have more beavers in North America then ever. Biggest one I ever trapped was 70#
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    toe plate ... need advice

    That looks great! Seal the back side with epoxy or ca glue. Antlers are used on knife handles with little problems. Maby stain it brown then seal it up to stable it.
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    CVA .58 Mountain Rifle

    Nice looker! I just aquired one a couple weeks ago it had been in a guys garage for 20 years he hadn't gotten around to tossing in the trash. The nipple was blown out if the drum. Easy fix for me just need to test it out.
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    SOLD Embroidered Possible Bag

    Very nice work! Looks like buckskin leather?
  10. Century to late

    WANTED .58 cal cva mountian big bore barrel

    Looking for good condition cva mountain big bore barrel in .58 cal
  11. Century to late

    Advice about a crack in the stock ?

    In the woodworking world we use ca glue it can be had in thick,medium and thin. Same as superglue. Store in airtight container with moisture packs and will keep for years. Use a needle tip for controll.