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    PC or HC Pocket Knives

    I read that their description of this knife clearly states no back spring. Friction holds it open. It is an attractive knife too bad its sold out. Townsends Company. does have a friction folder that is HC. I have both sizes .With a little elbow grease they are fine knives. John
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    .50 caliber Lancaster Inspired Rifle

    With that fine gun as an example and your young age I marvel at the rifles you are going to produce. Bravo ,you did good! John
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    Guns of Famous Frontiersmen

    DaveBoone, That is the most entertaining post I have ever read. Thanks for making my day! John
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    Old Saratoga Muzzleloaders

    Saratoga town or Saratoga aircraft carrier? Apologise for dumb question but as my Mama always said I am dumber than a box of bakers chocolate.
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    New accouterments

    Cap, I know what it takes to produce these items. You are doing nice work! John
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    pretty much finished my Tennessee classic 45. a new gem is born!

    That is a fine looking rifle! Be proud when you carry it, you should be. John
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    A typical quality dealer here in UK and his wares in pdf form

    Well TFoley, I looked at those items and cried, real big tears. Very nice indeed ,thanks for sharing. John
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    When did the term "muzzleloader" come to be ?

    That is an interesting article. Thanks! John
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    Opinel No. 7, the perfect knife for a possibles bag

    DeerStalker, before you leap for that French knife look for an "Old Bear" They are Italian and are head and shoulders above that French knife. You can get them with a walnut handle, the bolster or collar is also the lock . it is a substantial one made of brass with an iron swivel lock. The...
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    Interesting Reading

    Likewise, thanks. John
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    Interesting Reading

    BigStick, that is an interesting site but it confuses me. Is it a weekly or monthly updated blog style publication? Is it a subscription site? Or is it merely a site with what you see is what we have limited articles? Thank you for sharing it. John
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    Kerosene lamps?

    Beautiful ! John
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    Kerosene lamps?

    Gunny, I would like to chime in, please don't apologize for your reminiscing because we all need to remember those things or at least learn about them. Thanks for your stories all of you that have contributed. John
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    Last of the Mohicans??