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    The fiasco!

    those are big bunnies. my son while going though high school hunted cotton tails a lot. dressed them out and my wife deep fried them. he ate a lot of rabbit back then.
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    Gunstock prices....

    quilted maple is from the west coast. very expensive.. for a 1/2 stock block of wood years ago i paid 250 dollars. carved it out my self. really nice looking. the company i bought it from said he just sold a block of wood quilted maple but where the root and tree come together so it was solid...
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    Youre favorite time of day to deer hunt?

    some one mentioned the moon phase. please for the rest of us, explain in detail all about it?
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    i should have my son when home from college set up a camera as what passes through my yard at night is interesting. a year ago at this time my son shot 3 coyotes and laid them on the front lawn for a couple of days before he took them in to sell them to the fur man. the third day when i went out...
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    Muzzleloading and development of the Cartridge rifle.

    my fast twist 50 cal muzzleloaders, yes side locks, shoot paperpatched bullets as accurate as any bpc rifle. infact more accurate i believe. just made up 100 405 grain paper patched bullets today. expect them to shoot as far as i can see when the weather allows.
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    western s.dak
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    18 elk went by my house today. one huge bull with them and one young bull. headed south into the sand hills. it was exciting to see. now and then we get some exciting things go by my house. wolves a couple of years ago and mountain lions are always leaving scat in our yard. im waiting for that...
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    Gluten Free

    im very allergic to gluten. been gluten free for years. you get used to it. stay away from modified food starch. it is concentrated gluten. you can have modified corn starch. carmel color in every thing is a fourm of gluten. learn to read labels. oats that is gluten free can cause trouble for...
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    Curly ash

    the one stock i did in curly ash was real stable but it took, a lot more stain than maple. alot more. turned out perfect but different then normal woods for a gun stock.
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    my side lock percussion moutain man rifle like paper patched bullets.

    simple and fun to shoot. very very accurate and hard hitting at long range. thanks.
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    TC renegade load problems

    if you resized that bullet your useing to 9 thousands under the top of the lands groove size then you could paper patch it and shoot 100 grains behind the bullet with out a problem. also use a 60 thousands wad between powder and bullet. if you did this that gun would keep a tight group at 100...
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    my side lock percussion moutain man rifle like paper patched bullets.

    its a custom i built my self, brass tacks and all. 36 inch barrel 50 cal 1/28 twist, yes a 1/28 twist. just swagged and paper wrapped around 450 grain 70 ea. bullets for it to day. i use about 60 grains of powder and a wad between powder and pp bullet. will shoot about the same as a 50/70 rifle...
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    Barrel wedge DIRECTION

    i always buy a little longer wedges than comes with the gun. one faces one way the other wedge faces the other. what diff does it make? none at all.
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    New Englander .458 Long Range Rifle

    when i made builds like this i used douglas .458 1/18 twist barrels. they make them 35 and 1/2 long if you want that. i did. tack drivers with a 451 paperpatched bullet with 100 grain of powder behind the bullet with a 60 thousands wad between bullet and powder. will shoot as far as you want and...