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    Opinions on Rifle Shoppe wheel locks?

    Consider the Indian wheellocks to be prematurely assembled parts sets. A friend of mine has made one work, but it involved a complete rebuild. Weak springs, bad geometry, newly fabricated parts. It's a crapshoot. Brian Anderson is a master at this stuff, but don't take Flint62smoothie's...
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    Replica breech loading swivel gun

    The construction of the barrel with the rings around it arose because at the time they didn't have a ability to melt that quantity of iron to a liquid and cast it. As tenngun points out, they were assembled. A set of wrought iron bars were welded together like barrel staves and then the rings...
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    New musket owner (flintlock): Question on loading/paper cartridge

    I have had some success with conical paper cartridges. I made a wooden conical form, kind of a blunt ended ice cream cone. I experimented with paper to get a proper shape cut out so that I wouldn't have to trim the paper after rolling. Using stick glue I rolled a bunch of little ice cream cones...
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    Percussion bench rifles

    Fleener, it was in the recent Amoskeag auction. I had not thought that I was actually going to win it. It was preceded by about $50k of nice Schutzen rifles, so I think the relevant collectors had smoking checkbooks and took a break. I tried it out day before yesterday on a bench at 50 yards...
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    Percussion bench rifles

    Just bought this at auction and haven't even gotten delivery yet. Made in 1867 in Dayton Ohio by W. W. Hackney. Remington "cast steel" barrel. It looks as if somebody stuck it in a closet for 153 years. 44 cal, but I'll have to slug it to find out what that means in thousandths. I imagine it has...
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    Bullet trap/backstop

    I'll join with AJFedak and others in recommending rubber mulch (shredded tires) in a box. I made a box about 2 feet square on the front and 3 feet long. I put a hinged lid with a piece of tin roofing on it. Filled it with rubber mulch, plus pieces of tire sidewall and floor mat up front. I put...
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    Snaphaunce Musket Build

    One of the cool things about a snaphaunce is that you can see the remaining influence of the wheellock on the mechanism. It still has the horizontal "seesaw" double sear and the sliding pan cover. Elegant job on this one, Ricky.
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    Finnished the 20 guage matchlock today

    Way to go, Matt! I like the lines. Time to start burning some hemp.
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    WANTED LeMat Revolver

    Hey Orin, Look back at Nov 25th in this forum and you'll find one: Best that you buy it so I don't.
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    Flying with a Muzzleloader

    If you value your ML (and I'm sure you do), don't just buy a Master lock from the hardware store. You don't have to be a member of the Ocean's 11 team to pick one of those. There are videos on YouTube (I recommend the Lockpicking Lawyer) of people picking them literally in seconds. A crude...
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    Dealing with mosquitoes

    A few ideas: For unavoidable pools of standing water use Mosquito Dunks or BT pellets. These are freeze dried Bacillus Thuringensis, a bacteria that attacks the digestive systems of mosquito larvae. The dunks look like nasty mini-donuts (so you can stake/tie them in place) and slowly dissolve...
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    Skinner, Morphy, and other auction houses

    Does anybody have any experience, either on the buyer or seller side, with these auction houses? For that matter, any other auction house that deals in historical militaria? Thanks!
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    Matchlocks in the 18th century Americas?

    I can imagine the Algonquins giving them a try and then saying "no way."
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    Matchlocks in the 18th century Americas?

    I have seen a photo of a matchlock from a Canadian museum that had been used by the Regiment Carrignan in the 1660s. Probably only for garrison duty. My understanding is that the native Americans regarded matchlocks as worse than useless and shunned them.
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    When casting lead balls, do you drop them in water to cool......

    I use a rectangle of leftover 1/2" Homasote (cellulose wall board), cut to fit a shallow corrugated cardboard box. I wouldn't want water droplets anywhere near a pot of hot lead. My face isn't an oil painting, but I like it the way it is.