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    Any BP sellers in the Northern Kentucky area?

    It's not exactly close to you, but Kentucky Gun Company in Bardstown has pretty good prices on black powder.
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    Bismuth... Tungsten .. steel

    I have used ITX for duck hunting in my unmentionables for years and have been very happy with its performance. #6 and #4 for ducks, #2 and BB for geese. It used to be cheaper than bismuth, but got more expensive last couple of years. I hope the "bismuth shortage" ends before this fall.
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    June 2020 Postal Match – 5 Bullseye

    Finally shot my target today. Will be in the mail tomorrow.
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    tin foil

    I've never seen or had particular problems with fouling while using foil cartridges. If nothing else the foil seems to help scrub out the fouling. At least it seems like less fouling than I get when shooting bare round balls.
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    tin foil

    I guess I should have been more clear. The foil cartridges containing balls are for BAR live fire events. They are not to be carried at battle reenactments, and safety inspections are done before any "battle", which includes checking for any loaded cartridges, foil or otherwise. The foil for...
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    I'm a lefty, but shoot right handed flintlocks almost exclusively. It has never bothered me at all. There have been similar threads here before, and other leftys have stated how they are terribly bothered by shooting right handed guns. My suggestion is try out both if possible. I think that...
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    March 2020 postal match Shooting for the stars!

    My range closed down this week until further notice. I believe this will be an issue for many.
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    Buck and Ball Use by Continental Army

    That is interesting. I had never noticed buck shot being part militia requirements anywhere. So apparently use of buck and ball loads was nothing new at the time of the AWI. Makes sense given the terrain in the colonies. Kind of along the same lines that cavalry didn't play a large part in...
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    Buck and Ball Use by Continental Army

    Thanks Enfield1, and everyone else. Looks like there's enough scattered references about to say buck and ball was used, but like much else concerning the continentals hard to find definitive records showing just how wide spread it was. Even with the above order from Washington, hard telling...
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    Buck and Ball Use by Continental Army

    Hoping someone might have some good sources for documentation on how common buck and ball cartridge usage was by the Continental army. I know it was used, but never seen anything definitive on how common it was. Seems that as soon as a federal army was established after AWI the standard musket...
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    January 2020 Postal match: Box contest revisited

    Finally shot my target and mailed it out today.
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    Heavier than Lead

    Given the price of Heavy Shot, gold might be a more economical option.
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    October shoot

    Thanks Adui, Glad this month's target made it. My "lost" September target came back to me last week, after nearly three weeks of being mailed. Was tagged as undeliverable for some reason. Printed your address in very large and deliberate lettering this time. You seem to have a dandy of a...
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    September 2019 Buffalo hunting!

    I mailed my target a week ago today. If it doesn't show up by the time everyone else's does we'll just assume it got lost. No biggie. Thanks again for putting these shoots on.
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    Elmer Fudds Revenge

    Thanks Adui for putting on the shoot. I hope to make a habit of it.