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    Kibler’s “In the white” service

    Thanks TerryK - very nice to see. Stock is looking great! Looking forward to seeing the finished product!
  2. Campbell

    Kibler’s “In the white” service

    Very good insight and information- thank you!
  3. Campbell

    Kibler’s “In the white” service

    TerryK, thanks for that. Looking forward to any updates you may have as well. I hope you enjoy your rifle!
  4. Campbell

    Kibler’s “In the white” service

    Was wondering if anyone has used Kibler’s $700 “In the White” service? If so, what is your opinion? Thanks
  5. Campbell

    Son’s project

    Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it.
  6. Campbell

    Increase in interest

    I sure hope it spurs an interest like it did in 1976. I was 10 in 1976 and my father and I joined a historical re-enactment group. Been shooting black powder since I was about 8.
  7. Campbell

    Great Youtube movie on penetration - with a Hawken replica...

    @ILoveMuzzeloading Good job Ethan! By the way, I’m always looking forward to good podcasts about anything/everything concerning traditional muzzleloading. Looking forward to more of those from you. Thanks again!
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    Bear Oil

    Juniata, how do you render a fart? :)
  9. Campbell

    Need advice on rusty barrel

    Evaporust will take that right out
  10. Campbell

    To Shoot or not to Shoot is the ?

    Shoot it
  11. Campbell

    Any other heretics out there that oil their barrels?

    3in1, CLP, Crisco, whatever I have.
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    On my property I will go out of my way to kill any venomous snake
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    Double post
  14. Campbell

    Lewis & Clark History

    I couldn’t agree more. Undaunted Courage was an excellent book!
  15. Campbell

    How do you eat them

    A lot of butter and salt. Refrigerate the leftovers, slice and fry in bacon grease the next morning.