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    What size balls? And does silk work?

    What's MI houses? Do you have a website please? I'm looking for .005 patches. Ox Yoke used to make them, but has since quit. Thanks, Mike
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    Sharps blanks

    'morning, If I'm using early war clip tail, I use standard .50 paper tubes. If I'm using the later war flat base, I use the same mandrel that I use for making live rounds and I use tissue paper for the base. I really don't use the flat base blanks much, they're so tedious to make, and without a...
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    I agree with Dave951. I still have some of the good CCI 6 wings. I would flip my estimation though, the Schutzen are a hotter cap than the RWS (although the now out of production RWS no wing caps were comparable to the Schutzen). No matter what caps you try, stay far away from the current CCI...
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    Light hammer strikes

    'morning, I forget if paper cartridge Sharps are permitted in the discussion, if not, mods please feel free to delete. Curious if you have any suggestions, before I contact Lodgewood. I have a Pedersoli with an original lock plate on it. The internals are all Pedersoli. It started giving...
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    Tasty tasty Hardtack?!

    'morning, Generally when eating it, I'll just nibble at it. If I have coffee, I'll let it soak a bit, but generally it's middle of the day and I don't have anything handy. I've never been fond of soaking it in water, just a personal preference. Crushing it up and mixing it in with something...
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    Tasty tasty Hardtack?!

    'morning, I routinely make it in the winter for the following campaign season. Flour, water, a dash of salt. I bake it at 400 for about half an hour. Then, once all of my batches are done, I put it all in the oven overnight at the lowest setting. From what I've read, the "super fine...
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    Dream Reproductions

    Colt Revolving Rifle, the real .56 military weapon, not the silly little carbine.
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    Stolen Wampum Belt - Southwest PA

    Thanks for the replies gents. The original post was on fb, I'll pass along the suggestions from Notchy Bob to the original poster. Thanks, Mike
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    Stolen Wampum Belt - Southwest PA

    This was posted by a friend, just spreading the word. Note that it is a reproduction, not an original. So while I was working at the 18th-Century exhibit at Meadowcroft today, I was out of the cabin teaching tomahawk throwing. A visitor went into the cabin and stole the belt of wampum we use for...
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    Help me find...

    I didn't know that any of the three pane were made as repros. Very cool! Now I have to start searching as well... Mike
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    Anyone shoot a .480 in a 50 caliber?

    Not yet. I'm currently using .490 and .005 patch in my TVM. Unfortunately they no longer make the .005 patch, so I ordered some .480s and am going to try them with thicker patches. A .490 and .010 patch have to be literally hammered down this rifle's bore. I've never had one so tight. Mike
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    SOLD Pietta 1860 Army Colt .44 Nickel/Gold/Ivory model. Unfired.

    'morning, I did purchase it, and it has been received. Thanks, Mike
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    SOLD Pietta 1860 Army Colt .44 Nickel/Gold/Ivory model. Unfired.

    'morning, Steel frame with chrome plating. I don't believe that they every used the brass frames for these pistols. Mike
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    SOLD Pietta 1860 Army Colt .44 Nickel/Gold/Ivory model. Unfired.

    Very happy with the gun! Has the normal Italian issue of too-tight tolerances, but... Shaun was a pleasure to deal with. Mike
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    What is this?

    'morning, Assuming it is what Zonie and TNGhost indicated, I have one. Picked it up cheap, no idea if it's been reworked as noted above, but it sparks well and is fun to shoot. The frizzen is a bit loose when it's open, but it's snug when closed. Mike