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    Leonard day

    Hi not here much but wonder if any know if hes still around or is someone took over his gun making We had startered a fishtail fowler 4+ years ago and we lost contact
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    Leonard day

    Anyone have any contact info or know if someone making fishtail doglock rifle he made He and i had a biuld started and been 3 or more years im sure we lost each other contact info
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    Pedersoli Brown Bess

    Love my short bess from PML OWNED MINE FOR ABOUT 20 YEARS Bore exact at .750 Great sparker and at 20 yards prb hits 5" circle consistantly. But I shoot more shot in mine and taken a few turkey and duck
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    Leonard day gunsmith

    Yes please
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    Leonard day gunsmith

    Folks a couple years ago Sent Mr day Funds to biuld a gun My job took me away for awhile then I was in hospital then gone Just wondering if he was still around as I never heard from him and over time lost his contact info Thanks for any help
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    Cleaning cannons

    I use a garden hose in the yard and a ramner with brillow pads glued on it after i got it scrubbed i swab itt down with some kind of cooking oil with cylender hone then a dry rag swab wipe never seen any rust but i live bry climate
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    Rear sights for smoothies

    Cutting a notch yes BUT rear site like rifle just get a rifle Just my 2 cents
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    Stuck ball

    I use crisco but how i do it is heat some up and drip my patchs That wayit reduces the fowling
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    women and loading

    I use a small rawhid hammer took a cleaning jag mounted it on a short brass rod couple shoft tap and your in
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    Will a flintlock spark in very cold weather?

    I shoot year around never had an issue except my finger go numb
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    good way to clean the lock

    When im cleaning clocks from the cleaning solution goese into a water bath then in to alcohol rinse then into the oven at 190^ for 10 mins
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    Anyone use that flintlock cleaning clamp/tube from TOW?

    I heard it both ways, and for me i made a clamp and when i start my main rinse scrub the rifle is held barrel down and i just lt the suds fall i tried quills and toothpicks tigs and other things wirh only some success I used to put tape over my touch hole wirked good
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    powder flask

    Thanks yeah i hoping find a loose copy or ppics and go from there just not interested in a horn horn
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    powder flask

    I see lots of horns but realy want powder flask that would been used english civil war or the colonies
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    Lube or no lube.

    For me i do one of the following dont see a differance it how i shhot Crisco get it hot to a liquid and run my cotton strips through it and roll up and tear off what i need Olive or coconut oil But i'm using more spit patch now why dont know probly just cutting back on proccess keeping it simple