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    Heres a challenge for you

    That's my guess too.
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    So I Have This Old 20ga Barrel

    Looks like a winter/spring project to me. Good luck and be patient.
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    Tennessee ML Season count down

    I know this buck. He's been coming to my house for 2 years now. He's a nine pointer this year with a little twin point on the end of his right antler. He comes for a little corn, pear trees and persimmon trees. He actually will come when I call him to within 20 or 30 feet away. He loves to...
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    Hello from Oklahoma

    Howdy from middle TN
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    Y’all are sorry…

    It's not the destination, it's the journey !
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    Colt 1860 Vs Remington New Model

    Oh, by the way, I hate you guys. :)
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    Colt 1860 Vs Remington New Model

    Well, bout a month or so back, someone mentioned on here that Pietta and Uberti were going to go up in price I believe in October. Soooooo - I jumped on line and bought a Pietta 1860 Army from Midway and man, I love it. I always liked my 51 Navy resting in the palm of my hand and didn't think...
  8. B I am curious

    I've never done it on a rifle, but I have done it to my 51 Navy. Mind you, not the nipple front where the cap seats, but the side of the nipple barrel. It relieves a bit of the compressed air when the flame front proceeds down the nipple to the charge thus (supposedly) aiding in ignition...
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    I recall a thread about Paypal use.......update on that.

    I live in TN but have property in IL. My timber ground taxes increased triple the amount just in one year (2021-2022).
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    Shooting all by one’s lonesome

    Like George Thoroughgood said, "I shoot alone". NO WAIT, it was, "I drink alone". I do THAT too. ;)
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    advice not taken

    If we took the warning labels off, real quickly we would get down to that magic 500 million number that the one world order wants.
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    Crisco over the chambers, pros and cons

    I used to use a wooden popsickle stick to put my lube on but now just use Ox Yokes. Still, I would not throw out an old can of Crisco unless it starts reeking to high heaven.
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    Hello from Orlando, Florida

    Welcome from middle TN, and I have lots of family and used to live in Lake Panasoffkee FL. Still love central FL except for The Villages.
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    hello from hoosierland

    Welcome from middle TN
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    Hello everyone