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    Nice little town, Pen Argyl,I lived there before moving to the mountains.
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    correct French Fusil Fin de Chase Type C

    I have the same book, which i can't get to right now, but there is a drawing of a fusil with a rear sight . I looked like a wide V the top of which was almost bent over to look like wings. Clay Smith used to sell them. answer to your question about rear sights, I don't see any rear sights...
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    When I couldn't get decent patterns from my 20 ga. with 3f or 2f, I purchased a can of 1f. this was pre Skychief loading. The 1f tightened my pattern considerably, and there was no noticeable increase in recoil. Boy did it kill the tuna can! Also it was no dirtier than 3f. these are just my...
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    A few snipe with the sxs.

    When I was a kid we used to shoot snipe in the swamps until the game warden caught us. The particular snipe we were shooting were protected, this was 60 years ago, We didn't realize it. The warden was understanding, he confiscated the birds an made us go to to the library and look them up and...
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    Protecting your gun during hunting

    Well I did such a poor job building my smoothie that scratches are an improvement on it's looks!😁
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    Fg velocity compared to other granulations?

    A couple of years back after not being able to get what I thought a tight enough pattern with 2f or 3f I bought a can of 1f. Tightened up the pattern considerably. No problem with the tuna can. consistently got 7 to 10 pellets in the head and neck.
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    Shot Size

    Number 6 shot covers small game for me. For turkey I have hard nickel plated #6 shot, it keeps its shape and penetrates.
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    Making a Traditions Kentucky into a smooth bore?

    I guess some people like to take the long way around the barn.
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    Bear oil

    I found that the original Lehigh Valley Lube protected my barrel the best. Left it dirty after shooting for 1 month, before I knew better, and when I cleaned I could detect no rust.
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    Where are the wheels to move it?
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    SxS flintlocks smoothbores

    The only time I shot sitting birds was with my 22, and head shots only!
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    Why This Wood and Not That on 18th Century Rifles

    I once had a WWI German rifle that had a tiger maple stock under the brown finish.
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    Revolutionary War Ancestors

    According to what I could find on the internet my great grandmother was a member of the Drum family. There is a village outside of Hazelton PA founded by them. One of the family actually served under Washington in the AWI. I do know that they were pretty rich, and as usual I missed out again.:dunno:
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    Pyrodex pellets in a revolver...any one use these?

    I saw a video of someone using Pyrodex pellets with a 200 gr. Lee bullet. He claimed to have filled the hole in the pellet with ffff powder. This was in a Remington steel frame. If I remember he claimed around 1000 fps. I could never find the video again.
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    Hi from n.e. Pa.

    Welcome from the Poconos.