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    Smooth barrel for T/C Hawken

    You could get your 50 bored out to 54 smoothbore. that would give you a 28 gauge. Check out some of Brit Smoothe's posts and see what he does with a 45 smoothbore.
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    Turtle front sight

    What is a correct front sight for a tulle fusil de chasse?
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    Dixon Muzzleloaders Fair

    I would mark the last weekend in July on every new calendar we got, so nobody could say that they weren't warned. It's a 60 mile drive for me but I always felt that going to their shop was good for my sanity!
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    19th Century EDC Scenario

    I hope the Bush Rangers wore suspenders, otherwise they might catch a cold.:ghostly:
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    Gifted a nice SXS

    I agree with sending it to Bob Hoyt.
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    Bill to ban Lead Ammunition in Maine

    As I have always said, the law only matters if you pay attention to it.
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    My love hate relationship with meat cutting.

    Prices here in NE PA have gotten crazy. some butchers are charging $125 to butcher a deer. makes me glad that I grew up the way I did, learn to take care of yourself.
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    Lancaster, Lehigh, "Ludowici?"

    Cattywampuss As an old time trucker I faintly remember hearing about Ludowici. As far as your guns go I think that I would be proud to own them.
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    Home made shotgun wads

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    Spring Barley decoying

    I once watched a TV show with Andrew Zimmern, he was in North Carolina. A lady took them on a crow hunt, after the hunt was over they breasted the crows stuffed them with a jalepeno and wrapped them in bacon. They grilled them over charcoal and everyone complimented the chef.,
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    The seasons.

    I stopped celebrating birthdays, had too many of them. One year they insisted on getting me a cake. My wife asked what I wanted on it / I had her put one year les to go! ****** off my mother in law.😆
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    Your favorite “eating” game, and how you prepare it

    Dave we cook our meatballs right in the spaghetti sauce. I add a little of the sauce to the meatball mix before rolling out meatballs. we cook them in the sauce for an hour. the sauce would have been cooking for 3 to 4 hours before hand.
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    Handy 45?

    I've had my left shoulder replaced twice. Just went for a biopsy last week due to severe pain. If it isn't an infection it may be time for my third replacement. After working hard for most of my life, I have a hard time taking it easy. I my have loosened the new shoulder up:doh:
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    Pedersoli problems

    Had the same problem with my 50 cal. flint Kentucky. Mine is probably 40 years old, they changed the design of the lock according to the man at Flintlocks Etc. the importer. This was years ago. I welder up my tumbler and recut the half cock notch, and used Casenit to reharden it. After doing...
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    Your favorite “eating” game, and how you prepare it

    I would say moose is my favorite. Used to get some from tha local butcher, as there weren't too many roaming around the swamps of NJ! I like to take cuts of deer meat and pound them thin whit my tenderizing hammer, and I do mean thin. I dip them in an egg and milk wash then pat them down into...