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    Endoscope pics of different breeches

    Have to say, I’ve found the guns with the tapered walls in the breech plug are less susceptible to fouling. Not sure why Pedersoli and Hatfield chose the narrow straight walls in there’s.
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    Endoscope pics of different breeches

    I’m told the Pedersoli patent breech is the same as my Hatfield. I use a 22 cal. Brush with a patch and cleaner to scrub it out. I also go in through the clean out screw and nipple area with a pipe cleaner. Haven’t had a misfire since.
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    December 2022 Postal Match

    Thanks! Planned on going to the range Friday and was hoping the target would be available. Happy Holidays to all with good health and a steady aim!
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    Endoscope pics of different breeches

    Decided to take and post pictures of a few breeches in the guns I own. Hopefully it will help explain and understand discussions regarding issues we have with our beloved guns. I’ll post the description of the gun and in sequential order my observations. 1. 50 cal smooth bore, English breech...
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    What Muzzleloading Stuff Did You Do Today?

    Nope, I prefer 3F in all my guns including 58 cal. Muskets. In my 50 cal Hatfield, I use 30 gr at 25 yds., 35 gr at 50 yds and 45 grains at 100yds. .490 ball, .018 ticking and dawn (10-20%) solution for lube at range. Bore butter for hunting. I think 3F burns cleaner and is fouls less...
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    Issues with Parker hale P53 enfield ignition

    Find someone with or buy an endoscope. Then you can see what is going on in the powder chamber. They’re not that expensive.
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    This day in History

    Thanks for the history lesson. In the basement of a Military Museum in Saratoga Springs, NY stands a stash of Bess’s. Not sure where they came from, but are used in displays. Worth visiting if you’re ever in the area.
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    What Muzzleloading Stuff Did You Do Today?

    Yep, 64 years of NY snows and crippling politics, drove me south. Now I’m just a73 year old BP Fool and enjoying it!i
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    Hello from west Georgia!

    Welcome Franklin, Ga. Not to far from you come Spring is the Alabama NMLRA Terrotorial, Brierfield Iron Works. In March, in Lenox, Ga a 5 day BP shoot at Brushy Creek Muzzleloaders. Check them out!
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    What Muzzleloading Stuff Did You Do Today?

    Having spent 27 years south of Buffalo, NY and 37 years just south of the adirondacks, I ignored the weather also, when shooting called. Lotsa “old fools” out here.
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    WANTED # 11 caps

    KYGUNCO still has cci#11 for sale
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    What are your excuses please.

    What? This isn’t new, I’ve had it for years, just getting it out to clean. Or, have had it for years, had a local gunsmith tune it up. I turn my back before the eyes are rolled, MARRIED 43 years, so guess my fibs are an accepted part of “For better or worse”.
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    One Muzzleloader enough?

    Won a TC Hawken 50 cal. in 1995 Rebuilt a 50 cal smoothbore with Golcher lock in 2000 Given a 45 cal. Kentucky pistol 2000 Bought a 54 TC Renegade around 2005 Bought an 1863=Bridesburg musket in 2005 Bought and sold a Pedersoli Pa. Rifle 2006 Bought a 40 cal Flintlock 2016 Bought a 50 cal...
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    What Muzzleloading Stuff Did You Do Today?

    Found it. Go to, Rules and Regulation, Page 22.
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    What Muzzleloading Stuff Did You Do Today?

    Can’t really say where. Whenever I shoot at an NMLRA territorial that’s what they test to.