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    FOR SALE 2 Old Hickory butcher knives for sale

    Still have them. Replied to your PM
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    While yer checkin’ everything else, check the fit of the barrel in the barrel channel of the fore-end and at the breech area.
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    SOLD Thompson Center Hawken 50 Caliber Kit - Circa 70's

    Yes. The same barrel as the factory finished guns. Just left in the white on earlier kits. Factory blued on later kits.
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    I would like to identify this sight on my T/C Hawken

    It is a TC primitive sight for people that want/need a fixed sight for their gun. No longer made or marketed. The screw holes were elongated to use factory sight holes on their various octagon barreled models. It is usually used with the patridge type blade sight as found on the Renegade.
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    CLOSED T\C 54 caliber barrel

    Model of TC you want the barrel for might be helpful. Renegade? Hawken? New Englander? Etc.
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    WANTED Source for long boxes for shipping muzzleloaders

    Uline also has rifle boxes up to 52 inches for a couple bucks each.
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    Lyman GPR factory finish...add Tru-Oil?

    Never thoughht of the pin hole trick but l too store my true-oil upside down. Then if it does get a ‘skin’ on it, it’s on the bottom out of the way and you don’t get little chunks in your finish.
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    loose front sight

    Lay about a 9/16ths socket across the dovetail and give it a couple light taps with a small hammer. It won’t take as much as you think so, tap and try, tap and try. Also, there will be no visible evidence of the repair when you’re done.
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    T/C Hawken - To Build or Not To Build

    And you may find yourself relisting and relisting and relisting......
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    Wedge keys

    Need your address Bob.
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    Shipping ml handgun in US Mail?

    Do Not Tell Anyone What Is In The Box!!!
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    Shipping ml handgun in US Mail?

    As long as it’s not restricted locally wherever you’re sending it to it’s legal. USPS flat rate boxes are your friend.
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    Wedge keys

    Email sent l hope.
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    Wedge keys

    If you can live with blued wedges l can send a couple for whatever postage is on the envelope when you get it.
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    CVA set trigger problem

    Whatever fix you decide to use, you’ll want that CVA tang bolt more than ‘just barely snug’.