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    CLOSED TC Rear set trigger spring _ Hawken Renegade

    The Gun Works has them for $4. Hope this helps.
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    Good barrel or tomato stake?

    That barrel will give you nothing but problems. Send it back and get your Colerain as it was advertised. I will go ahead and be the first to ask, Where did you get it from?
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    Flintlock rifle - need part

    It should be a double lever, double set type which allows it to fire either way - but seeing the downward step in the front trigger bar it may not be. Without having it in my hand and placing it back into the stock to see it's relationship with the sear bar - I can't tell. Either way, there...
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    Flintlock rifle - need part

    You will probably need someone experienced in builds to have a look then.
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    Flintlock rifle - need part

    Not a guitar spring. A piano wire. I think your trigger is either a custom made or one that is no longer made. A new spring can be made, a new trigger can be fitted or it can be used as is as a single trigger. Any good builder can get you going.
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    Flintlock rifle - need part

    It looks like nhmoose is right. The screw in the bottom between the two triggers. Take it out and try. Do you have the spring?
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    Flintlock rifle - need part

    Is this a commercial made rifle or a custom build? To know would help on getting you on track for finding a spring. Someone may recognize the trigger and give you an answer for finding a replacement.
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    CLOSED TC Seneca/Cherokee/Patriot Rear Sight - Possible Trade

    I have the below TC Seneca/Renegade/Patriot sight for sale. It has the 1/4" hole spacing. It is in great condition. It will come with the elevation screw spring but does not have the two mounting screws. I will ship by USPS Priority mail. I am asking $70 which includes the shipping cost. I...
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    TC Sight ID - Seneca/Cherokee or Patriot

    No idea. Wish I had one of the Seneca's to compare with, but I don't.
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    TC Sight ID - Seneca/Cherokee or Patriot

    Now I feel foolish. Why din't I think of looking there. Thanks DanL. 2 Shots, that is the CFN website. Looks like I have the first generation with 1/4" hole spacing. Now I can try to find a home for it.
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    TC Sight ID - Seneca/Cherokee or Patriot

    So the hole spacing is correct for those models?
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    TC Sight ID - Seneca/Cherokee or Patriot

    I have the below Thompson Center rear sight. I am trying to determine if it fits a Seneca, Cherokee or Patriot. It is for a 13/16" barrel. Thanks in advance. The sight base hole spacing is approx. .260
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    CLOSED TC Renegade Curved Rear Sight Blade(s) Sights or Assemblies

    Still looking for the curved blade rear sights.