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    This old fart has a new Early Lancaster

    Beautiful gun. That wood is outstanding, I think you did it justice.
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    Connecticut Black Powder Shooters

    Uncasville is nice. Used to go to scout camp there.
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    Bare Ball Shooting Smooth Bore

    I know it is not what you are saying. I'm saying some of us don't care what the N-SSA rules define it as. Most people consider it bare ball if no patch or paper cartridge is used. If nothing is wrapped around the ball, it would seem pretty bare.
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    Bare Ball Shooting Smooth Bore

    Maybe some aren't concerned with N-SSA rules. Seems any load without something around the ball could be considered a "bare" ball. Doesn't make people dopes who don't comply with those rules.
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    62 cal ball groups

    I don't know why, it is counterintuitive after all, but, I seem to find my smoothbore accuracy to be better a little looser than a rifle would like. All the tight patched ball combos I tried with my smoothrifle ranged from unacceptable to okay but could be better. .615 bore and a .595 ball with...
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    Squirrels beware???

    Seeing as they're closely related, that would make sense. But I'd prefer the lizard. Chickens are the dirtiest, nastiest, animal in the yard.
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    2020 Alberta Elk Hunt Journal

    Congratulations. Thank you for deciding to bring us along once again.
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    So, pictures of.....

    While out the other day, longbow in hand, movement to my 1:00 position, heart rate up, wait, too small for a deer or coyote,,,,, Good morning young little bobcat.
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    Possible bags

    Confused. Last two posts sound more like shot pouch stuff.
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    Period knives and Tomahawks

    Hmmmm, 🤔 , I "worry" about it and I have plenty of fun, maybe more than I did before. (I'm not sure "worry" is the right word though.)
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    Squirrels beware???

    SkyChief, that is great news about your eyes. Very happy for you my friend. Now, go forth and smite thee bushy tailed marauders.
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    Scrimshawing a Powder Horn

    Nothing wrong with that work right there.
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    Connecticut Black Powder Shooters

    Agreed. Both CT. and RI. are small. No one, and no place, here is really all that far. Inconvenient sometimes maybe, sometimes we lack direct routes, but not far. I used to shoot at Bradford gun club once a month but their club politics got rid of the events I was attending and tried to make...
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    Connecticut Black Powder Shooters

    Please do keep us posted on this idea. I bounce between the Bristol/Plainville area and Colebrook/Riverton depending on work schedule. I do travel out to the Baltic/Norwich area quite a bit in the summer to shoot unmentionables.
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    Two New Hog Legs in My Collection

    Thank you.