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    SMOKE maximisation - how can I make more of it.....

    Fair enough, Sir, fair enough.
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    SMOKE maximisation - how can I make more of it.....

    Why is this topic not locked yet?? :surrender:
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    knife,sheath,belt (help)

    As to sheaths, it is my thinking that many of the company skin trappers would have to be outfitted by the company (we know that the company would issue rifles, so being as a knife is essential to a trapper, knives would be issued as well). None of the companies would be spending anything extra...
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    My REAL Colt 1860 arrived today

    Try this reference page:
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    Guns of the Southwest Territories

    Now you gotta remember there was a pretty fair expansion period before the Civil War, with folks headed to California, the Oregon Territory and Deseret, and a fair percentage of those folks weren't necessarily dirt poor farmers, but were folks looking to homestead. Many sold farms and homes and...
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    Wire trigger/bolt spring

    My Lyman 1851 Navy came with this spring already installed in it. I like it.
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    How were derringer "hideout" guns carried?

    Important to remember that clothing during the Victorian age was quite bulky, and there was a lot of it worn at the same time. Plenty of pockets, lots of room. The original Deringer and the Remington .41, along with lots of other very small pistols were designed to fit into a mans vest pocket...
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    Hawkens type rifle ID help

    That's an Investarms. Decent rifles, 1 in 48 barrel, usually good locks and nicely finished.
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    Dimensions of Pedersoli Kentucky vs. Lym. Plains Pistol

    Single shot pistols are just not designed to be cocked with one hand-it just wasn't something thought about back then. On many it is simply physically impossible to do so. By and large, pistols of the day were an expensive rarity, generally belonging to gentlemen for dueling, or soldiers for...
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    steer me to a pistol

    Yeah, Pedersoli are expensive, but are worth the money. I have an old Kentucky in .44 (NOT 45) and it is top shelf. It IS a pain in the neck to find .430 balls-I need to buy a mold.
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    Walker .44 and Dragoon Revisions

    I think overall the quality of Percussion revolver replicas have really stepped up the last 6 or eight years. Uberti has been bought by Beretta, and although expensive, their revolvers are of uniformly high quality. Pietta invested in an all CNC manufacturing environment and it shows. More...
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    How did they carry cap and ball fixin's?

    It's a question of the location of the user. The town dweller, by and large, would have simply left his powder and ball at home. It's unlikely he would have the time to reload should he empty his revolver. Many of the revolvers sold were accompanied by a flask for powder, and balls and caps came...
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    roger and spencer

    I don't know where you read that, but it's flat out wrong. All 5000 R&S produced for the army were held in storage, in the the original issue crates until being sold to Bannerman's in New York around the turn of the 20th century. At no time were they ever issued or used. There may-and the...
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    Techniques for caps on revolvers?

    I'd say he needs to replaces the cones before he goes shooting it again. Some backflash is normal, but in this case he's just asking for a chainfire.
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    First Black Powder Handgun Suggestions

    Young fella, here's what you need, either this one: 1851 steel frame or this one: Pietta 1858 New Model Army For economy, go with the Navy in .36. For strength and power, the '58 NMA in .44. Both of these Pietta replicas have great reputations, although the Remington is a good deal stronger...