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    4F Black Powder Question

    I strongly appreciate the efforts of everyone who is posting on this particular topic. I find these posts to be extremely informative and a delight to read.
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    What group size makes you happy?

    Group size? As long as they are 6' apart it doesn't matter to me.
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    Non-toxic garden defense

    Deleted: off smoothbore topic. PM sent.
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    Rust stopping oil

    If this was my rifle I would take measures to kill the rust. 1st I would thoroughly scrub, clean and dry the barrel. Then I would tape the outside of the barrel so that no moisture could touch it. I would seal the nipple channel with a nipple that I had sacrificed, by crushing it's cap end...
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    Help with barrel marking

    They may have a decorative function now but I believe that they started out as hex marks. The purpose of a hex mark was to remove any curse off of the spinning ball as it left the muzzle to allow it to fly true.
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    Army Rig?

    True that.
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    Offhand Practice

    Daniel Webster?
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    I would love to have a Kibler kit in 40 calibre but I too feel I need a 15" - 15 1/2" LOP. :(
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    Boiled Chicken Feet

    "If its back faces heaven it is food." (Chinese proverb)
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    Load suggestions for my 54 caliber flintlock

    I am surprised to read this. When I pour an alloy into a mold the balls that it drops are slightly larger than pure lead balls from the same mold.
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    Cased Big Bang Dragoons

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    Grease Hole Filling?

    Especially when you fill it with peanut butter to attract them.
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    Larger bore fowler

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    Rebuilding a Mendi Wheellock

    I can't get enough of this, friend. It is really good stuff!