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    Kibler 50 cal colonial

    Where in Mi are you at?
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    TRADE My Tip Curtis .32 Lancaster for your .50 or Larger Flintlock

    Nice looking gun. Wish I had something to trade
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    FOR SALE Matt Avance Early Virginia 54 caliber

    Thats what it said on the paper work
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    FOR SALE Matt Avance Early Virginia 54 caliber

    Nice. I have a 40 and 45 flintlock from Matt. I see it has a 14.5 lop. How much does it weigh? Thanks. Bob
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    SOLD Matt Avance .50 Late Lancaster

    This needs to go back to the top!
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    Finding black powder

    Thanks. I will check them out
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    Finding black powder

    Does anyone know of a place near Spartanburg S.C. That sells black powder. I have a friend that lives there that needs some. He can’t do a lot of shooting because of some physical limitations but would like to pick up a couple of pounds to have on hand for when he can Thanks. Bob
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    Hello from Michigan

    Welcome from one Michigander to another. I live in Marysville
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    SOLD .45 Matt Avance Southern Mountain flintlock

    Thanks what’s the length of pull, barrel length, and overall weight. Thanks Bob
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    SOLD .45 caliber Carolina Rifle-New,unfired and eager to hunt

    This gun needs to be back to the top!
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    SOLD TVM Tennessee Rifle .40

    Nice. What’s the LOP?
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    SOLD .54 Custom Lancaster Rifle

    What’s the lop ? Could you send some more pictures to me at Thanks. Bob Stager
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    CLOSED TC Patriot .36 cal

    If you decide to sell the kit, let me know.
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    Am I the only one in the Great Lakes Region?

    Marysville Mi. About 50 miles north of Detroit
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