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    Which Kibler Kit?

    I chose the Woodsrunner, and I got to handle it a bit at the open house. It feels quite a bit lighter than the Colonial. The shorter barrel is part of my choice, as is the interesting design. However, for deep thick cover I might choose an even shorter barrel. Currently Kibler doesn’t offer a...
  2. Bnewberry

    Kibler Woodsrunner kit

    I keep waiting for the first post from someone who receives one of the first kits shipped. Can’t wait!
  3. Bnewberry

    Are you still growing your Garden?

    Tomatoes coming on strong as are wax beans. Plenty of basil to add to the tomatoes for bruschetta. The potatoes are about ready to dig and I have a bunch of winter squash.
  4. Bnewberry

    Corn meal - At our last muzzle loading trap shoot one said he was using corn meal instead of cushion wads. It seemed to work.

    I have used grits in black powder cartridges and prefer them over corn meal.
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    FOR SALE Ozark Mtn. Arms 54 Cal Rifle

    I am interested in your rifle and you are in a pretty spot in our state! But it is a bit too far for me to get away to travel to right now. Work is keeping me busy.
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    FOR SALE Ozark Mtn. Arms 54 Cal Rifle

    Where in Michigan? I am in the south central part. Is this a half stock?
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    Something a little Different

    One deer a year for me.I process it myself. We also raise a flock of chickens for meat each year and we process those also.
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    Have you read your Shakespeare?

    I have read a number of his works, I don’t really enjoy them when read alone and silently. I have also read some as a group aloud and the langage is much more enjoyable to me when read this way. I wonder if reading aloud was more common in a group around the fire back in this time period than it...
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    Guns of Outlander Season 6

    I suspect you know too much about the history and the period to enjoy the show!
  10. Bnewberry

    SOLD An interesting 20Ga. Trade Gun

    Nice score, beat me to it!
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    Jim Kibler : Open House

    I would like to have met Ethan, I enjoy his podcast and videos and would like to let him know.
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    Jim Kibler : Open House

    Here are some more of the Woodsrunner rifle Jim , made. These are some details and carving pictures. His additions to the cheek rest carving seems to balance and complete it better than my memory of the original.
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    Jim Kibler : Open House

    I found material for knife handles and more in that pile.
  14. Bnewberry

    Jim Kibler : Open House

    They were making a stock for one in the CNC when I was on the tour but no photos. They had a stock on the table with a version Jim did previously.
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    Irish Hills, MI

    Welcome from the Hillsdale area!