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    SE Washington State

    I'm in Clarkston
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    Washington State regs question

    Page 74. Cannot use a ML handgun to finish off a deer unless it is 45 cal,8 inch barrel and able to loaded with 45 grains of powder. Section 2 G states you can use your 44 revolver for small game.
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    school me on WA state laws

    The region 4 office is at Mill Creek. Not far from you. They should be able to answer any questions you have. Basicaly in Wa you choose which weapon to use, modern firearm, bow or ML. Then look up under the deer seasons for your choice. Then pick the type of deer to hunt, blacktail, whitetail or...
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    54 vs 58 chart

    The local hdwe store has a used TC big bore for sale. Looks alright but I haven't checked the bore. Asking 350.00. What do you think? Been using a TC 54 since 1983. Had a old navy arms 58 before that. Got a hankering for a 58 again. No reason, just want one. Anything special to look for in...