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    What year did TC add the Black Powder warning to their barrels?

    I have a Seneca serial number 3465, I think, that has no warning or model name on it.
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    The decline of .45 caliber ML single shot pistols and rifles....

    Chiappa makes a .45 Napoleon Lepage pistol. Mind you I havent seen one since I got this one from a dealer in Montreal.
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    Info needed on Lyman/investarm

    ^You're right. The rifle Lyman branded as the 'Trade' rifle appears to be the Investarms model 190.
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    Info needed on Lyman/investarm

    No. Mine only has 'Lyman Connecticut' stamped on it plus the large I for Investarms. The Great Plains Rifle has 'Great Plains' on it or 'Hunter' if it has the fast twist barrel. Yours and mine are basically the same as this one on the Lyman website but with patchbox and brass accoutrements.
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    Info needed on Lyman/investarm

    Its a Lyman Trade rifle also known as an Investarms 120 A. I have one in .54 cal. The 120 B had a patchbox more similar to a TC Hawken. I paid around $300 15 yrs. ago for mine.
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    Do you prefer Real Black Powder or a BP substitute?.........Why?

    I bought some of the Jim Shockey Yukon Gold sticks because a company up here was blowing them out at $7 a jar. Usually $30. The results with them can be downright comical. Sometimes it goes off good and other times only part of the charge ignites and the rest comes out in a fizzle half burnt...
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    How did you get into the BP Sport and why choose Flintlocks

    A friend of mine's wife bought him a black powder rifle because she thought he needed a hobby. He didn't like it and asked me if I was interested because he knew I was a trap shooter and had lots of other firearms. It was a Lyman trade rifle /Investarms 120 A in very good condition. At first it...
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    TC scope mounting

    I've never seen a red dot on a muzzleloader.
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    Negativity towards Traditions guns

    I dont own a Traditions rifle and don't see many around these parts. There must be some nice looking ones. Any pics of a favorite? I have some TCs and Lymans that are butt ugly and some that look like custom guns. Ok, semi-custom.
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    Negativity towards Traditions guns

    Once again I will shamelessly post a pic of my .36 TC Seneca's wood to express my affection for the cheaper muzzleloaders. Its not a historical artifact and I feel no shame in keeping it waxed and polished in as new condition. Put a fingerprint on the brass and your liable to get a short...
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    Joined the dry ball club today!!

    The fact you used a puller to clear it raises you to a higher level of club membership. Well done.👏
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    August 2020 Postal Match – V Target

    What????......puts scissors and paper away.
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    This reminds me of a time I was having a beer at the Legion/Veteran's club and an elderly gent came in, looked up at the 'Last Post board, then asked the server to please take his name off it. :eek:
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    August 2020 Postal Match – V Target

    One target beat me up bad enough today.
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    Wall mounted rifle rack...input needed.

    I was joking. There is one that almost looked like it had aTC Hawken patchbox but I highly doubted it considering the overall awesomeness of your collection.