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    SOLD Green mountain Lrh .45 Renegade - *Unfired

    Dumbest thing you have ever written ……..go away richard. africa58double……good price on an expensive set up. The ignore button is your friend since moderation is literally nonexistant here. They sure spend alot of time trying to get that “supporting member” donation though.
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    SOLD Thompson Center Penn Hunter stock complete for sale.

    everything except a barrel and ram rod. It has some very minor handling marks. No cracks and excellent case coloring on the lock and hammer. 15/16'ths barrel channel. Includes wedge pin. It has been drilled and tapped for a peep sight as well. 265.00 to your door in the lower 48. Electronic...
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    WITHDRAWN Tc Renegade Stock- No tang included.

    It’s a renegade so 1” flats barrel.
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    WITHDRAWN Tc Renegade Stock- No tang included.

    yep...that's 280-300 on ebay all day every day. deal of the week right there.
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    Where do you draw the line?

    i gave up bow hunting with training wheels 35 years ago. Still hunt with the recurve I bought in 1988.
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    Where do you draw the line?

    yes yes yes yes yes yes plus.....I couldn't care less what others think is best for them. none my business. But even more importantly is that what anyone else thinks of what I accept or ascribe to is even less important. In every hobby......from cars to guns to guitars to horseback riding...
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    SOLD .50 cal Smooth Bore Barrel(price Drop)

    Nit can you tell me the measured bore size? Or tell me what size lead ball and patch is a nice fit?
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    Leaving the site

    if you hit the ignore button, you will never see that persons activity again. I have not been here long but I have made good use of the ignore button. That and I always just steer clear of anything political. I'm here for blackpowder info and I already know that half of the country is batshit...
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    What’s Going on in Classifieds?

    another viable option that I employ is to ignore all the nonsense here and put it on ebay or Gunbroker and get a 35% increase in return with Z E R O stupid comments from the trolls that have over run this place, and are seldom moderated? I just went through a couple of for sale ads and hit the...
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    SOLD Thompson/Center Arms Tang Peep Sight #7194 ( SPF )

    I'll vouch for the seller 4570. He is a new (ish) member but I paid him for a peep sight and it showed up quickly just as he described.