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    Now for something completely different

    Actually it is ...just not directly. And there is a small window -- age 18-25. Once you turn 26 you forever screwed...The unregistered cannot get financial aid for college, no US citizenship, no Federal Job, no security clearance, cannot work for some companies if they have government contracts...
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    My Homemade Wads

    Same 9 piece set is now $9.99 -- just bought mine last month
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    Hawken Rifles, What's All The Hoopla?!

    Not to mention it was featured in a Redford movie....that always rings the popularity bell
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    Anyone shooting paper cartridges in 36 & 44 caliber?

    The image with yellow tubes in a green box
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    Anyone shooting paper cartridges in 36 & 44 caliber?

    I used RAW before I switched to BeeLine -- both are organic hemp with no additives. very thin but strong. I like them both but BeeLine a little cheaper online. Your last picture looks like the tops are rolled ->??
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    Anyone shooting paper cartridges in 36 & 44 caliber?

    I have the .44 kit from Guns of the West. Make with round balls and conicals. I use organic hemp blunt papers -- BeeLine. Inexpensive. Fun to make,easy to load and shoot fine. I have heard of some using a lubed wad inside the cartridge. Supposedly do not need to overgrease the projectile but...
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    I cannot get used to the smell -- smells like puke to me. I have 3 or 4 bottles/cans that anyone can have for shipping....DM me if interested
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    Help me spend my money

    1858 Remington - Pietta - Steel not brass frame Plenty around and parts easy to find
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    Clear Lenses, Yellow or What Color for Low Light/Dark. The Answer

    I Everything above spot on. Yellow at night has been extensively studied and any perceived improvement is subjective and actual improvement by objective measurements thoroughly debunked. Tho retired I still have access to a number of medical libraries and the following is a summary for 2...
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    what do you use when swabbing between shots?

    You're a better man than I am Gunga Din....I can no longer stomach the odor.....
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    what do you use when swabbing between shots?

    Good to know cuz I just can't get used to the smell of Ballistrol. To me smells like great but I've tried and just can't stand it anymore
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    Homemade Lube

    Copy that -- Thx!
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    Online Business Scams

    Three different sites I stumbled across all wanted a minimum purchase of $150 or $270 to process order and payment was to be from Zelle only. I did not order as all are scammers. Zelle is great to send money to family &/or friends or if at say an Estate sale where you are physically present...
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    Scam Business Alert - Supposedly Selling Percussion Caps, Etc

    I recently received 5# from them. I had a backorder and when their shipment arrived from Europe they called me to say it was on the way. Great folks in my experience
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    Homemade Lube

    rendered, lard, beef tallow, etc