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    SOLD Early CVA Kit w/ Douglas Barrel

    So, you are saying ,this has a Douglas Barrel stamped CVA
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    FOR SALE Pedersoli .45 cal percussion rifle.

    I would like to consider a flinter, percussion, even a smooth bore..
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    FOR SALE Pedersoli .45 cal percussion rifle.

    I, now, would like to trade this .45 rifle for a .54 caliber rifle. I cannot use a .45 to hunt in Colorado. If using round ball, by regulation, it has to be .50 or larger. The rate of twist is whatever Pedersoli says it is...The discoloration by the trigger looks like some one propped it up with...
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    CLOSED Jukar Philadelphia Derringer .45 caliber

    I have one, I will have to dig it out of my kit
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    NO YEAST at the store....

    I saw this one and have started a culture
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    What Else

    Looks like everyone is quarantined from their computers. What else can we talk about that we may find interesting about the fur trade
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    Native Reenacting

    "True People" took what they wanted from the "Other People", Natives, Aborigines, Indians, Sioux, Apache, Comanche whatever you choose to call them, ALL took what they wanted from the weaker of their neighbors. It happened in Europe, Asia, the middle east, anywhere there were people it happened.
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    Nuthin interesting has been posted here this February. I will ask a question. How much fur era activity took place in the South Park area ????
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    Native Reenacting

    Not trying to start a fight here,,, but what exactly are "the true people" of this great country ???? I was born and raised in The United States of America, that, by definition makes me a native American. People of all nations have gotten "the shaft" and it continues today. So united we stand...
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    Native Reenacting

    Years ago, at Boonesburough, there was a group calling themselves Yellow n-word(I hated to say it this way but I didn't want some moderator to delete this over PCism) To this day I do not know if they were white or not, but to me they were very convincing.
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    Not cooking in camp, but...

    Polish blood sausage is called kishka , I have always liked kishka taken out of the casing and fried then put on fresh rye bread open faced. Czernina is the best , sweet and sour more on the sour side. Its kinda of hard to find ducks blood and many substitute pigs blood. One time my dad and I...
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    FOR SALE Pedersoli .45 cal percussion rifle.

    No one, No one... make me an offer I can't refuse...… or make a trade offer
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    Not cooking in camp, but...

    Just take some of those hunter sausage recipes and use lean beef.
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    FOR SALE Pedersoli .45 cal percussion rifle.

    Were all the questions answered to everyone's satisfaction ?? The SALE price on Dixie Gunwork's for this rifle is $695... If there is an interest I will let it go for $550 and I will pay shipping.