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    Unsalted lard is available in some grocery stores out here in the sticks, like unsalted butter, its’ much more heart-healthy..
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    For those with walnut gunstocks

    Grape seed oil has the highest flame temp of most any oil. I use it with bees wax and it is a most excellent patch lube. Almost any oil rubbed into a mar on wood will make it darker, if burnished till very hot, the spot in question will have some gloss to it.
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    Help !!! Removing barrel pins

    Small dia. oxy welding rod has worked for me. It is strong and copper washed, doesn’t rust in a loop or hanger.
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    It's here....

    I have 14 BP irons and I haven’t slept a full night in years...
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    Centime Powder Horn

    Fine art if I ever saw it.....!
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    If wool was introduced today it would be the new miracle fabric, you can even retain some body heat when it is wet.
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    Personal Protection

    Heavens forbid that it should ever happen, but if I ever entered an armed dispute for my life, I would hope it was with someone with your approach to weaponry...
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    Please don't shoot me

    Had an immediate flashback, it was a nude picture of Janet Reno.....
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    Sounds like an ex astronaut, probably never had to take a dump in the woods, would take an hour or more with all the clothing on, be too late maybe...just, sayn...
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    Felt wad in rifles

    I always use them with conicals, just seem to get more consistency, less fouling..
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    Firing a Cap Before Loading

    Like I mentioned in a previous discussion on this same topic, I push a soft flannel patch down into the ‘chamber’ area before I pop the cap. That patch catches all the crap blown loose. Without the patch, it just gets pushed back down the bore during loading.
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    Wife says I have a problem

    My wife said my gun collecting hobby was just plain silly, and she said in simple English that I was WRONG. Well, after all these years, I guess being wrong was bound to happen sometime.....
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    Blood trail follow up

    The original blend of 10 to 1 lead to tin was and is known as Lyman #2 alloy. It is used to resist leading at higher velocities ( above 1200fps) with post ML firearms. My experience is that if you get past 1500 fps with pure lead ML projectiles, those beautiful petals that form up front and...
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    Underhammer Actions?

    Muzzle Loaders Builders Supply has a Billinghurst parts kit that is solid. Requires drilling and tapping, heat treating a spring, attaching the barrel by some means to the receiver, making a stock and forearm, and, If you hunt with it, figuring out a safety. They make up into a very nice gun.
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    Pietta vs Uberti

    I have seen less detail/setup time on the Piettas in the last 3 years.