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    Switchel ~ cheers to the teetotalers

    I tried that once but I started to forget little the 80s....
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    How about some tips you may have?

    Files are actually manual milling machines. Brush them clean after every 2-3 strokes. Chalk them, it will prevent a lot of galling, gouges, and scratches that you will spend a lot of time later taking care of. Never apply pressure on the back stroke. Have files for aluminum, brass, steel and...
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    Uh oh. Need shoulder replacement...

    Mine was so bad i couldnt get my wallet out of my pocket. After the rebuild, recovery was very slow. After a year and a half I could shoot most of my rifles, including a 62 smoothie. I still can‘t shoot my Pedrosoli 10 ga double. Too much of a good thing, love the thing but probably should...
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    Is .45 enough for black bear?

    More on hair, deer hair is hollow in fall-winter season, breaks or cuts cleanly. Bear hair isn’t, it mats and clumps very easily, this reduces the blood trail for a ways. I’d throw a bigger pumpkin...
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    Superstitions and traditions

    Sorry, didn’t see the keep off the grass sign. I understood the ‘weeping heart’ was a hex sign known as the ‘crooked heart’ which took all the crookedness out of the rifle
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    Superstitions and traditions

    I heard this was a crooked heart, a hex sign to take the ‘crookedness’ out of he rifle.
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    covering mistakes

    You can mix up a very thick paste of fine walnut dust and TightBond wood glue. Force as much as you can into the hole and let it be a little proud of the hole. Let it sit a coupla days, sand it and stain the entire stock, should make them go away.
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    Tradiions percussion kit question

    I have bent several hammers to get perfect alignment. It’s not hard; put the bottom end of the hammer, well padded, in a vise, draw it up very tight, place a large crescent wrench (jaws parallel to hammer nose), pad w/ leather or brass. Tighten as much as possible, and gently push the wrench...
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    Gaaah! Help! Can't get stuck ball out

    After not moving it with puller, I would have driven down the bore with proper sized dowel, till it rested on the powder charge, and touched it off. You did say you had a good charge down there, right?
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    G&O Pinnacle

    Thnx for the input Carbon, maybe I can get rid of these dishpan hands..
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    G&O Pinnacle

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    G&O Pinnacle

    Hi fellas, I’m having a dickens of a time with fouling in a Rem New Mod Army, and a 36 Southern Rifle. First time w/Pinnacle. I never have a petroleum film on anything, clean, dry iron. Weather was 50 deg (above), I almost had to sandblast to clean them up, 20 min after I finished shooting...
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    Lube for New molds

    Hold the cavity over a candle to smoke the inside real good, helps with bullet drop from the mold
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    Uberti and Pietta revolver steel grade

    Most of the millions of 98 Mauser receivers were made of plain carbon steel but were carborized - case hardened, in areas where needed, to resist impact and wear. Successful plan I think. If all BP revolvers were made of 4140 chrome-moly, we wouldn’t have much fun tinkering with them. They...
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    Front lock bolt blocking ramrod

    I scrape-tapered the South end of the ramrod on my 40 long rifle till it cleared OK. I made a small ‘palm saver’ to take the poke out of loading