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    how many traps?

    It would take a day to make 20 sets, and a day to check - run the trapline. Probably not much use for more 20.
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    Petersen christiana

    Welcome from N Minnesota
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    Pyrodex P

    I’ve had good results with Pyrodex RS and P in all sorts of cap guns.
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    Well I got the Smoothbore, but now...

    I bent one of mine by placing it on a covered work bench, shimmed up on each end. The shims brought the barrel up about a quarter of an inch. Mine was only ’adjusted’ for windage. I struck the barrel with a 3# dead blow hammer, put it together, shot it, repeat as needed. The closer to the...
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    Headed out!

    True happiness is a steaming gut pile, hope you make one.
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    Tip of the mitt.

    Welcome from the woods..
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    #32 drill bit

    I use copper washed mild steel welding rod for pins. The size I use is .095, it’s copper plated so it doesn't rust. Get your caliper out and pick a drill close to it and proceed (with the lug slotted for clearance). It helps to tape the stock on the off side to reduce chance of splinters and...
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    Sighting in from bench for off-hand shooting

    If you shoot from a hard surface - a sandbag, the rifle will shoot away from it. Zeroed this way, it will shoot low off hand. I use a foam cartop carrier type foam block, its flat on the bottom, has ample support for shooting and because of the ‘give’ in the rest, will produce a zero that...
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    best non-fouling powder for 32

    I have been using Pyrodex P with good results downrange in in the bore, main thing is find some powder..
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    Need help with a CVA Mtn. Stalker

    Track of the Wolf has everything you need. I usually fit the breech end tip and cross pin it then slide it down the barrel. Mark it flush or a tiny bit longer than muzzle. Fit the front tip and pin it. Rub some boiled linseed oil into the rod, burnish it with a piece of denim, make some...
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    Crockett rifle questions

    The hawks are probably following the new committee rule regarding engagment and talking it over with them first….
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    DUDE, SMOKED HIM!!!???

    I don’t watch any more, mostly they center around the killing (at a bait, from a permanent stand) of a nutritionally and genetically manipulated, movie star deer ( been on trail cams for years) with a catchy name. It is an insult to anyone who actually ‘hunts’ anymore. They are very well...
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    Would a cal 44 remington 1858 do the job?

    Did a search, 69 confirmed bear attack deaths since 2000in North America, low probability, but hardly minuscule. Load ‘rm up, better than nothing.
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    Would a cal 44 remington 1858 do the job?

    Try to get upwind when you spray, just saying…
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    Abenaki of Western Maine 18th Century

    Welcome from a close latitude