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    SOLD Pietta 12 Gauge SxS

    Hi Rambler - If this gun is still available I'd like to buy it. Please let me know. Thanks! Bill
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    Brown Bess Saved My Life

    God bless!
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    Oxidized Balls.

    I can't even guess how many lead split shot I bit to tighten-up on a fishing line as a kid. Well - - maybe that explains some things...
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    Could not agree more! #1 Safety #2 Comfort while shooting #3 Aesthetics
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    Percussion mainspring

    I don't know Diplomat - I'm thinking you should consider leaving them in the white!! :)
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    WANTED Looking for a .32 or .36 for my wife.........really

    Dog gone I remember that first 20 gauge I bought "for my wife." Forty year later - I "she" still loves that gun!! :)
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    WANTED Help making Buckskin sweatshirt made from my tanned deer hides

    I hope they can help you. This is a pic of part of the tanned hide that I sent them with a pair of the gloves that they made for me. As I said, not anything resembling historic ware - just some good gloves to remind me of a great hunt. Good luck! BR
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    How many offhand shots before back pain?

    'Bout twenty years ago a couple pals and I put together a little pickup-band. One of us was a very good musician (not me) - the other two of us were "so-so" at best. Somehow we landed on a name for our band: "Two Norcos and a Beer." Haven't thought about it for a long time - until now...
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    Main charge question

    About 40 years ago I bought the Lyman Black Powder Handbook. As far as I was concerned it was the bible of black powder shooting and firearms. It was filled with tables of velocity and muzzle energy charts - as well as all kinds of good information about black powder firearms. The one thing...
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    WANTED Help making Buckskin sweatshirt made from my tanned deer hides

    I am only offering this up since you got no response: I tanned a deer hide from my FIL's deer last fall and tried to make a pair of gloves from it. It was going nowhere! I checked with some local leather craftsmen with no luck and finally found the Uber Leather Company in Owatanna MN. They...
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    Greetings from Montana

    Hi JBush! I, too, started hunting with a Hawken about 40 years ago and left it for a while. I joined this forum a year ago and found some like-minded guys, and maybe an oddball or two - just like family! What could be better! Welcome! BR
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    Serial Number Dating a T/C

    My wife gave me a new Hawken .54 for Christmas in about 1982. Serial #268XXX. Still got the wife - and the gun!
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    SOLD ASM Colt Dragoon, SPF

    Sorry Bubba - I think you are on the wrong side of this one. It's not a very big inconvenience - and not everyone who gets taken by a scammer is feeble-minded. I own a retail company - and scammers are getting better and bolder than ever. We can't stop them, but reasonable policies (like this...
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    FOR SALE Antique rifle for sale, $450.00

    What could go wrong?