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    FOR SALE Dixie Gun Works Black Powder annuals

    Hold the phone. I just found the 1986 issue mixed in with my stack of SPG Black Powder Cartridge News, so 22 issues.
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    FOR SALE Dixie Gun Works Black Powder annuals

    I need to find a good home for these 21 issues, 1985 through 2006, and missing the 1986 issue. I have spent hundreds of hours reading and re-reading the articles in these annuals on history, hunting and the blackpowder firearms of our American heritage, written by such authorities as Wayne...
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    200th Anniversary of the Sante Fe Trail

    Some ornery, trail-hardened hombres for certain!
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    FOR SALE Antique leather stitching clam

    No provenance. I bought it from a trapper friend about 20 years ago.
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    FOR SALE Antique leather stitching clam

    Here is an antique stitching pony or "saddler's clam" in useable shape. The jaws are 30 inches long and 4 5/8 inches wide and attached with a butt hinge on the lower end, and the jaws tightened by a bolt and wingnut. On one end you will note a name, perhaps E.W. Fisher, some initials and some...
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    Use of the hunting sword

    I was admiring the very handsome Elijah Froedge hunting sword in the classifieds and got to wondering just how useful these might have been when they were popular, and what one might use one for today. The aforementioned sword has a 17-inch blade and a stag handle, and comes with a baldric to...
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    SOLD Shotgun wads

    Woody gets them.
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    SOLD Shotgun wads

    I have a bunch of opened bags of 11 gauge shotgun wads with just a few wads missing from each bag. Circle Fly unlubed and Ox-yoke lubed 1/2-inch fiber wads, 1/8-inch over powder card wads and thin overshot wads (in 11 and 10 gauge) for a tight fit. I have found in the past that an 11-gauge wad...
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    My first BP mortar

    That streamer is a great idea.
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    SOLD Irish shot charger

    TC, sending you a PM.
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    SOLD Irish shot charger

    Here is an Irish-style shot charger for your flask or shot snake, in excellent condition, and it already has patina! You can make the wooden necks stopper work, or remove and carve and affix your own. $40 shipped priority. Paypal is fine...
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    Baffled by classified conversations

    Why would a conversation about underhammer parts go to the guy who just bought my buckle shoes. I even clicked on his avatar name. Is it the"curse of the aging Baby Boomer" at work yet again? 🤔