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Bill Rowe

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I'm told I have Linage back to the founding fathers, but grew up in Michigan to a Game warden father that was the greatest man that walk the earth other than Jesus. I got to fish , hunt, travel ( to Hunt ) at a very early age. Started collecting Guns, and military relics at 8 years old when I bought my first GAR medal at a antique show, and my father gave me a old Remington single .22 that was rusting away into the garage. And I still have both today. Into muzzle loading while still in high school with the purchase of a .58 cal. Zouave, that I still have... I rebuild and restore antique Indian Motorcycles that I still ride today, collect with a passion wall mount bottle openers, old guns, and have gotten more into older primitive weapons the last few years. I make my own muzzle loading guns, powder horns, primers, knifes , and accoutrements. The trade that I was bless with has afforded me the opportunity to hand work materials that most can not. I have a good God and he has treated me well , as not to be on a soapbox but just dam grateful.
Sep 4, 1955 (Age: 68)
Journeyman Tool and Die maker