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    FOR SALE Reduced 2nd Gen Colt Dragoon 2nd Model

    Colt 2nd Model Dragoon, 2nd Generation .44 caliber single action revolver. Blued finish on barrel and cylinder. Case hardened frame. Brass trigger guard and back strap. Condition: Minor wear to barrel at muzzle. Minor wear and small flecks of oxidation to frame. Light cylinder ring from cocking...
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    Sorry. Sold on another site.
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    FOR SALE REDUCED Antique .45 Smooth Rifle w/Novel Flint - Percussion Conversion

    It's Wednesday and you know what that means.
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    Frizzen Replacement

    Frizzen broken. I usually send locks to Log Cabin Shop. They are gearing up for a big event and already have backlog. Thus my query. Pretty simple question.
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    Frizzen Replacement

    Do they do repairs? I believe they no longer sell that particular lock.
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    Frizzen Replacement

    Besides The Log Cabin Shop, which is swamped, who else can replace a frizzen on Dixie Tennessee Mountain Rifle with a reasonable cost and turnaround time?
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    SOLD MINTY Thompson Center. 50 Hawken Barrel

    This is a MINTY, possibly unfired, pre-warning 15/16" Thompson Center. 50 Hawken barrel. Excellent Plus condition. Bore looks immaculate. $190 + Shipping.
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    Reduced to $275 + Shipping.
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    SOLD unique 54,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    Wow! Love the grain of that Ash.