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    SOLD Ruger Old Army

    Sorry but I’m backing out
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    SOLD Ruger Old Army

    I’ll take it sent pm
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    WANTED Ruger old army

    Stainless steel 5.5” fixed sight Ruger old army
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    WANTED lead shot

    I have app 50 lb. of reclaimed shot for $60 + $20 shipping I will make a wooden box that fits inside priority mail box
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    SOLD Fur trade era barrel and stock

    Can you add a picture of the lock area from what I can see the lock mortise is already done for a particular lock
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    SOLD Fur trade era barrel and stock

    What lock has to be used?
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    CLOSED 36 maxi ball mold

    Lyman or TC
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    SOLD Pedrosoli 10 ga, like new

    I had your twin for over 20 years got several turkeys a lot of fun good price
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    CLOSED .350 round ball mold for 36 cal

    I’m sorry William Ramsey 130 boyanna dr Industry,PA15052 Thanks again Bill