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    What's in your powder horn

    Goex 3f I use it in my rifles, pistol and revolvers. I also have a small horn with Goex 4f for priming.
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    Knapping hammer

    I use this tool from Dixie Gun Works. Simply place the step on the edge of the flint and tap with short starter handle MT0811 Combination Flint Knapping Tool W/Top Jaw Wrench (
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    storing black powder in powder horn and/or flask

    I left a horn full of powder for 15 years and it went bang just fine.
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    Traditions rifle

    I've got two older Tradition flinters just keep the touch hole clear and they go bang as often as my custom gun.
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    Sad news - Zonie has passed

    Sorry for your loss condolences to you and your family. Jim will be sorely missed.
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    This was my first and only "build/assemble/whatever" - CVA .45 cal. Kentucky

    I built one when I was kid back in the 70's as well. Wish I still had it.....
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    1860 Parts

    Dixie Gun Works list the Uberti parts you're looking for.
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    Historical 2-Pistol Carry?

    I've read that Jesse James carried up to six Navy's during the war.
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    I use the good old Tedd Cash capper Rifleman's Capper, fancy cap magazine, brass, by Tedd Cash - Track of the Wolf
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    WANTED Hot Shot Nipples

    Try track of the wolf Nipples - Track of the Wolf
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    Anti seize lube?

    Yep anti seize is anti seize no matter how it's packaged. I've had a stick of CVA brand forever. I just give the nipple threads a spin in the stuff and make sure the base is clean.
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    Priming Your Rifle

    I use this small horn with a 3gr plunger dropping 4F
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    Help identifying a revolver

    A.S.M = Armi San Marco as the maker
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    Looks like a Siler lock.
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    New Muzzle loader

    Lyman is made by Investarm so they are basically the same. I have a Lyman Trade Rifle and it's very well made and shoots better than I can hold.