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    Historical 2-Pistol Carry?

    I've read that Jesse James carried up to six Navy's during the war.
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    I use the good old Tedd Cash capper Rifleman's Capper, fancy cap magazine, brass, by Tedd Cash - Track of the Wolf
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    WANTED Hot Shot Nipples

    Try track of the wolf Nipples - Track of the Wolf
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    Anti seize lube?

    Yep anti seize is anti seize no matter how it's packaged. I've had a stick of CVA brand forever. I just give the nipple threads a spin in the stuff and make sure the base is clean.
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    Priming Your Rifle

    I use this small horn with a 3gr plunger dropping 4F
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    Help identifying a revolver

    A.S.M = Armi San Marco as the maker
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    Looks like a Siler lock.
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    New Muzzle loader

    Lyman is made by Investarm so they are basically the same. I have a Lyman Trade Rifle and it's very well made and shoots better than I can hold.
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    I also tie the strip to my bag strap so it's always right at hand.
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    Identify this modern lock

    Looks like a large Siler
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    The Mountain Men movie

    "If I don't get a drink a whiskey I'm gonna die!"
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    Rig-is it good stuff

    I've also had a small jar for over 30 years. Wipe down all metal surfaces after cleaning and again every few months or so just for the heck of it. Never heard of it used for patch lube though. Seems like it might be a little thick for that....
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    Remington Cap Shortage?

    Yeah Remington was just bought out and split up a couple months ago. Vista Outdoor bought the ammo division. They own several ammo brands so maybe they will continue making caps.....
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    Barrel wedge DIRECTION

    I have an 1850's English Fowler that has pinned wedges that go from left to right. The Lyman manual says to install the wedges right to left. I don't think it matters as long as they fit tight.
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    Rice barrel email contact?