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    I shop there for ticking for making shirts and enuff for patching and char cloth.
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    Aging persona question

    I just adjusted my birthdate and age to the time I'm portraying. I 'm currently the Commissary SGT for my ACW unit at 57 years and a veteran who made the long walk with Gen'l Scott in mexico and was posted on the frontier starting in late 1831. Worked my 4 year debt to my uncle who payed my way...
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    buyer beware

    A few years back I got ahold of a .54 smoothbore flinter and it was a kit gun from about the Bi-Centenial days with no work done to the stock and was missing the ram rod. It cost me $50.00 and when I got it home found that it was loaded. So with realy hot soapy water and an hours time I had not...
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    Covering Modern Footwear?

    I agree with the others as to health concerns. You can get some thin leather,canvas or burlap and make covers for your tennis shoes. You have comfort and the shoes are camouflage and also have a period crutch or walking stick.
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    Juried Events?

    I was invited to a AMM juried event at the trade post at the museum in Lawton, OK. Those fellows were at some of the same rondys I went to as an 1820's-1830's militia and they liked my setup. They took photos of my camp and me in my uniform and evening attire with smoking cap and jacket, So I...
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    Goex vs Schuetzen..?

    I've used both and they work equally well.
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    how much prime to use

    2FF is what I use as both priming and load. I follow Scott's manual of arms and after tearing cartridge prime by pouring enough to fill the pan and close frizzen and put on the stall. This works in my .54 cal, musket, rifle and pistol without any issues.
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    My Journey Into Traditional Muzzleloading

    I have the same feelings at every rendezvous, living history event and re-enactment. I spent 34 years in the military doing maintenance and testing from 22 cal match pistols up to tanks and self propelled artillery. That was my way of getting my head space and timing reset to return to the...
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    how much prime to use

    Considering muskets shooting charge was 2FF they had to have the larger touch hole as the powder for the main shot was also the same powder used to prime. As the troops were instructed in school of the soldier several steps and one of them after TEAR CARTRIDGE was PRIME then CLOSE PAN at that...
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    Possibles bag, what confussion

    Everything I need to service my .54's is in one haversack and for the .58 its in the tarred haversack. 1: Old M14 cleaning rod set in a tarred pouch 2: tin with rammer, patch puller, breech scraper and ball puller (yes I've pulled a couple) 3: 2 small tin containers 1 of dish soap, other with...
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    cal. 45 - fffg or ffg ???

    My sons .45 flint rifle functions better with 3F verses 2F and my .54 flint rifle functions the other way. Like the other fellows have said if you have something that works well "Don't change it".
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    .50 and .54 or consolidate on one caliber?

    I'd go with the .54 that is what I have in rifle, pistol and smooth bore. This way I only have to carry one size ball rolled into cartridges, one size flints, cleaning jags and ball puller (yes I've have to pull a couple :redface:) for one caliber.
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    Cabin project.

    I've seen some old photos of combination Log and Sod homes in eastern Kansas Territory due to limited amount of timber. Alot of it is cotton wood which grows all over and the sod was several inches thick.
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    There are a couple of groups here in Indiana that have and fire mortars at events that you could contact on facebook.
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    Meat in your haversack

    Some of the events I've been to I carried salt pork that Id cut into slices and fry and wrap up in a scrap of tarred canvas, hardtack, desecrated apples, potatoes, peas and carrots as well as roasted coffee beans. In the evening stoke up a fire my boiler with 1/3 water and make a stew and in the...