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    .58 ball size

    Best to measure the bore first.
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    Beeswax for running ball

    Helps clean the lead. I find 800+850 degrees will pour anything I need from an aluminum mold. Using a 10lb pot I put in a ball of wax around .400 diameter and a stir. At that temp a flash and burn off most likely will happen. Skim.
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    New Pietta does not state size of caps

    Majority of revolvers are #10.
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    Hammer alignment, Is this acceptable?

    It could be bumped over a tad. Main thing is the hammer clears the nipple with a cap on it.
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    The TC New Englander

    I have a 50, 1:48. It shoots very good. I like the fact it's a little less weight.
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    Can this rifle be helped?

    First pic says it all. Hang it on the wall.
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    Start of a swivel breech

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    Interchangeability of revolver parts

    I've switched a 44 1851 brass frame with a 36 1851 steel frame.
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    CVA over/under 50cal

    Only sale I found so far it went for 330
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    double ignition, does this happen

    I would try 3f. There will be little less fouling and it can get back to the flash channel better.
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    50 cal molding block

    Looks like a Lyman to me.
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    Why Is Everything Always Stuck!? Dragoon Edition

    I had a new Dragoon that was that way from the factory. Even putting pressure on the ram with it between cylinder bore wouldn't budge it. Had to strike the back of the cylinder with a hard plastic mallet to get it apart. Once apart I inked the arbor and very minimal fine filed the contact point...
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    Round ball with sprue

    Get a tumbler and that will well round and smooth the sprue.
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    Filling cylinders

    I loaded 10 cylinders. 5 with filler, 5 without. Over sealed ball. Mixed the cylinders so there was no way to know which had filler. Shot all 10 cylinders. Zero change in accuracy. Put the powder in. Ram the ball. Seal and shoot.
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    Bought a decoration, turns out it’s a real percussion rifle! Tips?

    Looks like where the CS is is where the original rear sight was.