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    Identifying which cap I need

    I have an ASM Colt Walker and the nipples sucked. I purchased some aftermarket ones that were much better and the supplier advised what they were.
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    I found 5 of Dad's C&B Revolvers...

    Sweet find... I am jealous.
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    Rust bluing results

    A piece of gutter. :) It worked well.
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    Percussion cap holders

    I think that I caught up on PMs. If I missed anyone, shoot me a message.
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    Rust bluing results

    One thing that I found. For the first boil, I had the stove running. It was an electric range. The rust on the bottom of the barrel came off and I can only assume that it was too much radiated heat or magnetic flux from the electric elements. Subsequent boils were not boiling but very close to...
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    Percussion cap holders

    It printed out at 32 layers in about 24 minutes with PLA. I will try running some with PETG which is similar to what is used for soda bottles. They load up great and I can't wait to head to the range with them.
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    Rust bluing results

    Thanks... I was THRILLED with the results. Now, next Tuesday I will show up and shoot with the black powder guys at the range so that they can see the havoc that they have wrought.
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    Rust bluing results

    I am in the end stages of building my Traditions .50 cal Kentucky rifle kit. Still waiting for BLO to fully dry. Some like the dark brown rust look; however, I wanted this to be blued, so last weekend, I undertook the rust bluing of the barrel. I used the rusting compound from DGW. In...
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    Percussion cap holders

    Price and shipping as compared to the 10 seconds that it took to download and a minute to send off to my 3d printer... I'll try the 3d one first. With 3d models on places like thingiverse, you are downloading a design that someone else has created. It is very simple.
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    Percussion cap holders

    If they work and someone wants some, I'll drop them in a mailer for free.
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    Percussion cap holders

    So, I have a ASM Colt Walker and a Pietta 1851 Navy .36 on it's way. Loading caps has always been a major pain, so I got poking around on Thingiverse. Thingiverse is a website of 3D models that people have designed. I have a 3D printer so I'm going to punch out a handful of these things. Someone...
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    Comments at the range

    OT just a tad. The Daniel Boone trail ran right in front of our house here in Johnson City. Here in the eastern states, you can tell old houses or ones that used to be stores. They are located close to the road. Back before cars, people walked or rode horses so there was no need to be way back...
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    Stuck jag in my SM Flintlock Rifle

    I like this idea. On many British cars that I've worked on through the years, the brake pistons would get really seized up so we made some adapters that would adapt a brake fitting to a grease gun. They always came free.
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    1851 .36 cal navy, pietta

    I ordered one from DGW a couple of weeks back. No rush on it but I'm antsy to get it in hand.
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    Cap shortage profiteering...

    None of our local gun stores have any. I just bought 2,000 for $150.00. With shipping it likely was about 9 cents each. but it gave me another reason to pick up an 1851 Navy .36... ;) ETA... For whatever reason they were shipped sans hazmat fee. No label on the box. NADA... I did not complain...