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    This screw won't budge!

    One of my New in Box Italian clones came with pre-rusted nipples, saved me the trouble! Since then I completely disassemble, clean, tune and lube anything I get before going to the range. Tuning avoids that ugly cylinder bolt stop Scraaaaape!!! scar that one of my first “factory tuned” clones...
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    Greetings from Southern California

    Sent you a DM ;-)
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    Greetings from Southern California

    Sent you a DM :)
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    Cannon ball skip??

    Napoleon liked bowling English Squares :-)
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    Greetings from Southern California

    Welcome! Lots of free advice here, most is pretty good too! If you’re anywhere near Piru, look up Burbank Muzzleloaders, we have the nicest range for miles around!
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    Just a show of hands, how many make their own ammution?

    Been casting over 35 years, (except for .22s) haven’t bought factory ammo since. I did buy a box of .490” and .495” balls when I built my first frontstuffer. It likes .495” Now every caliber I build I buy 2 Lee roundball molds. Two TOTW Hawkens like .535” balls while my first Kibler SMR tested...
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    Glad I found this place

    A teacher in California with a gun?!? Oh my, that might be life without parole...
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    Help with stuck bullet

    I used the braille method pulling guns outta the safe, got all geared up for Springfield musket shooting opened the sock at the range to find a trapdoor. That was a short day... now I bring at least 2 guns to the range A club member who makes range rods likes to tap two holes in the handle, one...
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    If you can't get real Black Powder

    A full case of Goex (25lbs) plus hazmat ($25) has finally reached $20 per pound Olde Eynesford a little more, Swiss a lot more Of course if you only buy one pound of Goex it’ll be $45 plus tax
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    Stripped screw help

    Kroil is a good tool, so is a “blue wrench”. Those nipple wrenches are pretty soft, I ended up making my own by dremmeling then filing out the center of 1/4” drive sockets, 5mm or 6mm I think.
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    Patch Lubes

    TotW mink oil is excellent in sub-freezing temps. ...come to think of it, I’ve never seen a frozen mink - otter pops yes, but never mink
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    Touch holes

    Lovely fowling piece, even though it’s not a flinter. :doh: I blame the cannon guys for the touchhole mess, They started it!!!
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    Lube for conical out of a rifle

    Them scrubby things are great, although I don’t use the green ones cuz I’m not sure of their grit. Here’s 3m’s chart of their aggressiveness I use the white, light gray, dark gray, maroon and brown on metal, wood, whiskering, rubbing back aqua fortis and rubbing in final Oil finish Beats real...
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    Unbreakable ramrod

    Oi Oil allows wood to breathe; paint, varnish etc, don’t. An old timer once told me “never paint a wooden ladder” because it will dryrot. Hickory makes a great ramrod. One Muzzleloader supply house has a clever sales trick for ramrods “it costs the same to ship one rod as it does a dozen” I...
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    Misaligned percussion hammer - can this be fixed?

    Look for a hammer with a shorter throw, that one has a long way to go to work. Check the hammer screws threads too, they’re probably metric. One of my 130 yr old Belgian clunkers had the same problem, one hammer backed out every shot, two shots and the screw hit the dirt. Someone had replaced...