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    Chain used with 18th century shooting accessories

    Not to change the subject, but that set of accessories,brush, measure and pick are real nice.
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    I live in RI. My main shop carries “real” black powder. It has to be stored in a steel lock box, he’s limited to approximately 12, one pound cans and only certain employees, who have been BCI checked and approved can sell it! Also ever can is logged in when it arrives and has to be signed out in...
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    My 8th Great Grandfather was Guillaume Pelletier. He was born May 1598 in France and died in Canada on November 1657. On February 1619 he left France with his family and traved to New France, (Canada), in what is now Quebec, where he worked as an indentured servant, as a trapper and carpenter...
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    Patch Material

    Ok thank you
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    My Father's Passing - from Gooba Jones, Jr.

    Very sorry for you loss! my prayers and thoughts will be for you and your family.
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    Patch Material

    Question please . I need to buy a decent caliper long overdue. Is the c-mic your talking about the type that looks like a c clamp? And are they better than the regular calipers? any info appreciate, thanks Art
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    New recruit

    Welcome from RI. Read ask questions and enjoy
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    Hello from MB

    Welcome from RI. That in-line will be gathering dust if you stay here long enough😀. Great gr of members here who have a wealth of knowledge. Hope you enjoy
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    Hello from Oregon

    Welcome To the forum. Their kits are nice. Been thinking of getting one but have limited build knowledge. Would love to see a pic of yours. Thanks and enjoy Art
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    New To Forum

    Welcome from RI, Hope you enjoy
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    New Here

    Welcome from Rhode Island. Hope you enjoy the forum.
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    Hello from NC

    Welcome to the group! You’ll find something for everyone here. Information and help on every form of muzzleloading including accessories and everything you can imagine. read,ask questions and enjoy
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    Hello from Virginia

    Welcome from Rhode Island. You’ll find some of the best leather craftsmen here! hope you enjoy
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    just west of cowtown

    From the smallest state to the biggest! Welcome from Rhode Island
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    In reference about the new settlers knowing a lot about Canada. The original setters arrived in 1641. My 8th Great grandfather was in this first founding group. I posted a short history of them in this post if you care to read it. The first group is most likely responsible for building the...