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    Just Jim

    These forums are poorer with your absence Zonie, rest easy bud.
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    Getting closer on my new build

    If you collect change then there are 80 US quarters to the pound, 40 to the half pound etc
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    Pan flash - from INSIDE the barrel

    I've said this before, I'll say it again, in the group I run with you'd get a Mountain Man name with comments like this..................................... Thanks for the chuckle...........
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    Southern California

    It's good to see that club is still active, my parents belonged through the eighties until they escaped Southern California, they and another longtime member moved to Central Oregon.
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    Shooting Lead, or antique treasure?

    Dutch Boy still makes solder
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    I know what third generation means to me, but there are some that consider the second half of the second generation to be third gen, so I never assume.
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    are these the signature series ?
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    Repairing stock with woodburned vandalism

    pictures would most likely aid in you getting viable responses.
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    Anyone ever experienced burning embers in your barrel after a shot?

    Have yet to see this issue, belong to a club out west and we do the rapid fire events, along with the other clubs in the surrounding area. The "fort shoot" comes to mind, usually consists of four person teams, starting with loaded firearms and you get fifteen minutes to knock down as many...
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    Let the Games Begin!!!

    Do you own a candle, if so you have the period correct color transfer method going back hundreds of years.
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    Percussion or Flintlock?

    You are missing out, I started shooting cap guns in '04, built my flinter in '06, sold all of my cappers by the end of '07 and have honestly never looked back, flintlocks are not just about shooting muzzle loaders, they are a way of life, they are a lifestyle change that is far more than some...
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    Easiest solution to the age old quandary about which capper is best to use, just pitch them all into the lake and shoot a flintlock, once you go flint, you'll never go back.
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    Smooth bore barrel wait

    well crud
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    First Build

    Another key aspect that can aid in a slim looking long rifle is to lower the top reveal of the forearm along the barrel and as well as the reveal along the ramrod, this exposes more of the barrel and ramrod which gives the impression of a slim forearm, this is especially helpful if you are...