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    FOR SALE Custom made split stem pipes

    Are they smokable,? and have you tried them?
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    Lewis & Clark - Corps of Discovery

    And a very interesting read if I might add. The opening sequence of the Ken Burns documentary couldn't have worked out better it was a one-shot take. It was in the fall at the Weldon springs river access, due to the cool air and warm water there was a mist hanging on the river which worked out...
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    Lewis & Clark - Corps of Discovery

    As a former member of the St Charles "Corps of Discovery" I can assure you, Stephan Ambrose was just as you imagine he was. We provided the boats for the filming of 'Undaunted Courage' and met Ambrose several times and found him to be extremely arrogant.
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    I got an offer I couldn't refuse...

    I have the same rusting problem with the one I have and I'm considering going with a copper one of the same design.
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    I'll take the horn.
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    Overhaul of really cheap horn

    That is outstanding work, as a old salt I love the ship.
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    Legal powder amount

    You got the answer on the BP total under federal law 50lbs, substitutes are not included. But my question would be unless you're a cannoneer why in the world would you need 50lbs of powder?
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    Possibles Bag pricing question

    I'm not sure about every state law but most of them allow the use and sale of commercially tanned pelts. Only endangered and limited take animals would be a problem and if they are properly tagged not even then.
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    Possibles Bag pricing question

    If your's comes out as nice as the one in photo 1623468607 I'd say 300+ would be a fair price. There's a lot of time and labor in a bag like that plus the cost of the bobcat hide.
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    12 gauge rifled slug out of Bess?

    I have shot those out of a original SXS 12 ga. shotgun and they worked pretty well, good enough to take a deer with.
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    SOLD Pedersoli LePage .44 caliber

    Nice pistol and a very good price. I have a boxed set of these in the deluxe flint version they are nice.
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    Can swabbing between shots encourage misfires?

    I guess the short answer is yes. I only swab every 3rd round with a slightly wet patch follow by a dry patch. I've had too many dry patches get stuck in the barrel not to use a little lube first.