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    Cabela's and Bass Pro

    I don't get these sort of political comments? If you think CEO's and Wall Street are made up of "liberal elites" you have never met either. Expecting Corporations to "do the right thing" is naive beyond belief. There sole purpose is to make money, and the political climate of the last 40 plus...
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    Swiss Powder vrs Goex

    Wouldn't a lubed over powder felt wad amount to a form of wiping? It certainly clears thing out before loading the ball and would put the ball ahead of the crud ring.
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    Swiss Powder vrs Goex

    Swiss 2F might be the best powder ever made as far as being consistent. It does have a slightly harder "fouling ring" than Goex imo. Swiss 3F has an unbelievably tough fouling ring. If you don't mind wiping between shots it's okay, but I can't get more than 4-5 shots with it without wiping...
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    Barrel finish

    ------------------------------- Their is really zero reason to know anything about temperature. Read the directions, it is a very easy product to use. Clean barrel, heat with a basic propane torch until a few drops of water sizzle off and apply product. It doesn't even require perfect...
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    Thinking about a Drop-in Flintlock Barrel

    Keep in mind that a 28" .54 barrel will be around .60 pounds lighter than a .45 barrel.
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    Making a full stock into a half stock...

    I would leave it alone- but one thing to check if you go the half stock route is how is the barrel pinned. Usually wood ribs are pinned to barrel staples not the usual dovetail underlugs. Underlugs will show with a wood rib , and would look pretty awful to me. Wood ribs do look nice on the...
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    Barrel finish

    B. Casey Plum Brown is extremely easy to do- don't get some of the comments on that one. Just follow the directions. 1 person with a simple torch can do it easily. Takes maybe 10- 15 minutes after prep. Certainly no oven required- all of B. Casey products were meant for easy application for...
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    Looking to get a flintlock long rifle!

    Specs? General descriptions etc? Calibers, gun style, stock etc.
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    Looking to get a flintlock long rifle!

    Pics or specs of said rifles?
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    How Often Do You Remove the Touch Hole Liner

    Not really sure anyone actually read the Op- he was asking about an easily removable Pedersoli liner. Of course one doesn't remove a White Lightning or similar liner because they are not meant to be removed. Not removing a Pedersoli liner for cleaning is silly, it takes a minute to remove and...
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    Goex vs Schuetzen

    Grafs is now made by Goex.
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    Mowrey Gun Works

    The tumbler with the round post that protrudes into the side plate were done because the other style would wear and become loose/unstable. I've found the Texas made guns to be all over the place- both in style and quality. All shot great though. I do think it pays to pull the nipple and let...
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    Mowrey Gun Works

    Did they get sold recently or are you sure you were talking to the right company? I've dealt with them several times, most recently about 2 months ago. They have always known every part on the Mowery guns.
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    Pedersoli Missouri River Hawken Stock

    You can buy the curly maple version from Pedersoli, but it's probably in the $600 plus range. I would think it might be more economical to just sell yours and buy a new C.M. version of this gun.
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    Wooden powder flask build and question about stopper.

    I assume given the age of this post this project is already completed. Red Oak vs. White Oak- while technically true, there is absolutely zero danger in this application. Unless you are planning on standing it up in a puddle of water- of course a powder horn wouldn't survive that either! You...
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