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    old CVA kit

    Yup, did the same thing. Cut the barrel down to 24". Made a very handy trainer rifle for my sons and a couple of other kids. Just wish I had had the skills required to shorten the butt stock to about a 12" or so length of pull.
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    old CVA kit

    Way back when we used to say that unstable bullets "key-holed". Don't know if that term is still in use or not.
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    Hello from Kansas City, Mo.

    Welcome from the west coast.
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    Barn Sale Find

    I am happy this valuable artifact has been returned. Kelly Kinzle is to be congratulated not only for his good fortune in discovering the Oerter rifle, but also his diligence in research and seeing it returned. My only criticism is with the way the return was reported to have been handled. As...
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    Ramrod launch

    Many, many years ago I was at the Angeles Shooting Range in southern California when another shooter launched the wooden ramrod from his T/C Hawken. He had just rammed the ball down-bore when the RSO called a cease-fire. The shooter told the RSO he had a "wet one" to discharge and received...
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