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    Great answers above. I'll just say that this guy is generally accepted to have been shot by a .45 Whitworth. https://allthatsinteresting.com/general-john-sedgwick
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    Confederate cavalry gear

    The guy below (Saye leatherwork) is a Authentic Campaigner and does period correct leather work. I bought a cavalry set for the Army of Tennessee from him with Augusta arsenal markings. If he doesn't have what you need, he can probably direct you to the right person...
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    Howdy from North Carolina, USA!

    Welcome from Georgia! My Grandmother was from Hanging Dog, NC. I have no idea of the history of that name, but always thought it was funny. That community is long gone.
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    Cimarron Original Finiish

    I've seen some youtube videos by the Cimarron owner talking about how his guns are finished to a higher standard. I don't have any, so I can't speak to that. Interesting videos though. As far as antiquing one, I'd suggest buying a used one and doing it first. Lots of youtube videos on that too.
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    SOLD 1860 Army with Fluted cylinder

    No sir, I did not. I'll PM you and send my email address.
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    Howdy from North Georgia

    Air Defense Artillery - THAAD system.
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    Pushing percussion caps on with wooden dowel....

    While not what the OP asked about, if you're trying to get the caps to fit, you might also be having cap jams. This guy has some good BP articles. This one involves modifying the nipples to help reduce those jams. While your filing them, you might as well made this mod too:
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    Howdy from North Georgia

    I’m just down the road. :)
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    Confederate cavalry gear

    This forum has great info for accurate impressions: The Authentic Campaigner - THE FRONT PAGE
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    Georgia members

    I'm near Canton, GA.
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    Dragoon vs 1860 Army?

    Good call on the 1860. Let us know how you like it!
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    Howdy from North Georgia

    My son just reported to Ft. Sill for training.
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    Howdy from North Georgia

    Is that Talking Rock Georgia?
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    Rogers and Spencer

    I've got a nice Euroarms from 1994. If you're interested, PM me and I'll dig it out of the safe and send some pics. I think it's unfired.