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  1. Dave Marsh

    Pedersoli locks bad?

    Yes -- I have two and both had to go to Brad Emig for a tuning.
  2. Dave Marsh

    Pedersoli woes....

    Return it is my opinion.
  3. Dave Marsh

    ML gun shops near Portage, Wisconsin

    On Target in Kalamazoo was pretty good but haven't been there in a couple of years.
  4. Dave Marsh

    Kibler's Hunting Pouch

    Well done James and Jim.
  5. Dave Marsh

    Today's challenge.

    Enjoyed your post. I can taste those pheasants on the grill doused in butter and pepper or wrapped in bacon. Wish we had pheasants around here.
  6. Dave Marsh

    Kibler's Hunting Pouch

    Could you send me a link to the eBay seller who sells all of that for $50 please. Minus the worthless vice. I've searched and can't find such a kit for $50. Thanks.
  7. Dave Marsh

    Brad at Cabin Creek

    Mine too.
  8. Dave Marsh

    Loving look at a 200-year-old English flintlock double, take two

    Fantastic. Thanks for posting. I enjoyed it.
  9. Dave Marsh

    Waxing rifle stocks

    I'll second Renaissance Wax. After cleaning my guns get a coat of it.
  10. Dave Marsh

    Barrel rebore or???

    I'll second sending it to Bobby Hoyt. I'd do that before I would ever buy a used barrel off of eBay.
  11. Dave Marsh

    Cold Snap (another tale of suffering)

    Very good read Darren. You do have a talent my man.
  12. Dave Marsh

    Co2 unloaders

    Man, I drag enough stuff to the range so a pancake compressor from Harbor Freight is over the top. :):ghostly:
  13. Dave Marsh

    Co2 unloaders

    Yes, they are worth it.
  14. Dave Marsh


    One of the best.