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    Is investing in a chronograph a good idea?

    Indeed, my old Chrony got hit in its plastic face by a lubed felt wad out if my Rigby double at 1500fps- bullet flew correct path. Went a few years w/o and then bought a Labradar, very pleased. I make my own molds (conicals), so MV is used to help determine the bullets BC.
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    Tip Curtis

    Sad note posted on the NMLRA site of the passing of Tip Curtis. For those that never met him, you missed an opportunity- for those that have, cherish the moments.
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    Gibbs 451 rifle

    The straight stock is for LR shooting - as you’ve experienced, close shooting the sights are way down... The palm rest is not standard for the Ped. Gibbs, perhaps for a different Pedersoli Schuetzen Rifle? congrats and good luck.
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    NMLRA Postal Match

    Good luck..
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    Help finding barrel

    You might consider a liner or boring larger (if possible) and re-rifled. Bobby Hoyt can do either.. and cheaper than a new barrel.
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    Authenticity of 24" barrel on Half stock

    There was an article in Muzzle Blast a few years about short barreled Hawken’s. If I recall correctly, thought was most they were cut short - but showed old photos and the location of thimble wasn’t in same location as longer bbls, so some may have been made? Horseback and Indian use as I recall.
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    Scottish Percussion Deer Rifle

    The notch and the direction it’s filed make me think of an attachment that is not meant to come off upon recoil, more so than a support. Thanks for sharing, nice history.
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    (Raton New Mexico ) Santa Fe Trail Rendezvous 2020

    Thanks for your efforts in promoting ML for others to gather and have the opportunity. Good luck.
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    #11 Nipple Threads

    I believe it’s true as stated in the OP, seems realistic regardless of sample size. You’re welcome to list any ML repo rifles made in the USA that used a metic thread or used a #11 that is NOT a 1/4-28.
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    #11 Nipple Threads

    Thanks for the info. Imagine every rifle, actually made in America, will have standard threads, 1/4-28 for #11’s.
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    Kentucky Rifle compared to Hawken Rifle

    Get a longrifle of same or better quality than your Hawken. PA/KY will have brass hardware compared to E.TN that is steel - like your Hawken. Kibler So.Mountain would be a good addition.
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    It finally happened froze nipple on my buffalo hunter

    Looks like the square is still there... I’d measure and make a wrench that fits. Did another one recently, an original Whitworth Sporting Rifle that the owner couldn’t remove. T-handle and have someone tap on the top as your loosen- kinda like an impact.
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    Red residue at muzzle after shooting

    I have experienced it quite a few times over the decades at matches, I primarily shoot heavy conicals. Being that it does not occur each time with the same load - I’ve always felt it had more to do with the atmospheric conditions than anything else. If it’s sulfur - understandable.
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    Method to solder barrel rib

    ZUG: Good explanation. you reference ‘soft silver solder’, I hope you just meant ‘soft solder’ ? Same as used in soldering plumbing, much lower melting point that silver solder.
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    Pedersoli Nipples

    Their musket nipples for their PH Whitworth are M8x1.25 (5/16-20 most believe as they are so close in dimensions- they are interchangeable).