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    So this happened today

    Powder in the nipple hole always worked for me unless I forgot the powder. But even then it has worked OK. Watch to make sure all the caps did not move the bullet or ball so after some FFFFG in the hole, reseat the ball.
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    First Shot Misfire

    Pellets are the problem. They are designed to be ignited from the rear and have a hole to promote ignition. Some even have a quick start coating on the bottom. FFFFG in the touch hole with a pick should work all the time.
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    pure aggrevation

    It never seems to matter if a modern gun or an original ML, someone will mess up screws. I would buy a box of magnatip blades at the lumber yard and with a small wheel grind to fit. Moto tool makes quick work for a hollow ground tip.
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    Measuring patch thickness - wet or dry?

    Dry and without the slip portion of the micrometer. Tighten to compress the cloth.
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    Revolver chain fires

    I agree with UOG. I feel lube over a ball is needed to keep fouling soft in the bore so each shot removes the fouling. Not to prevent a chain fire. I use a much thicker BPCR lube over the balls as it hangs on better. I had only one chain fire long ago with an 1860. I found no cap fragments on...
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    Casting Setups

    Fine bunch of balls guys. now to keep them shiny spray them with Barricade.
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    Attach tip to ramrod.

    I made my own arrows forever and the glue is ferrule cement. It will hold 500# if used proper. Heat it to melt without it catching fire. have the rod end hot too. Slide it on and quickly wipe excess. Then pin.
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    "Best" Number 10/11 Caps?

    Beware of caps. I use nothing but CCI and Rem. The cups do not shatter like RWS or many Italian caps. I have had to pull shards of caps from my chin, nose and had a scratch on shooting glasses from brittle metal.
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    Over Powder Wads

    I failed to mention a friend that throws his rod hard down the bore many times so I ask if he likes his hand since I believe impact might set the charge off. He likes a thin patch and deforms his balls as a pulled ball shows. Seat with even pressure ONLY.
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    Over Powder Wads

    With 66 years of BP and RB shooting you might call me a "patch reader" and fit is best. Yes a ball is hard to start but the starters I make do the job. I found to have the ball engraved at the grooves about .005" is best. Even a .002" difference in patch thickness can improve groups and I was...
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    Castor oil / Denatured alcohol patch lube users question

    First of all, Merry Christmas to all. I have been under the weather myself lately. But Dutch has something here that is true. I knew Bill Large long ago in Ohio, one of the best barrel makers ever. He told me a patched ball shooter would get " shot smooth" and lose accuracy. Old timers would...
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    Lyman GPR...or not?

    It took me a while to make fine, slim flinters. my first was a .36 for fox squirrels and the book had plans. It was so heavy I had to lay on my back to head shoot a squirrel 100 foot up a shagbark. Darn it was fun.
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    Lyman GPR...or not?

    I never met a Lyman that did not shoot and have built many kits for family and friends. The pain is all wanted them carved.
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    set triggers on a lyman great plains

    I have bought locks without a fly. Deciding on a set trigger I cut the tumbler and made the fly. 60 years and it still works. If a fly is soft it can wear away and I suppose they can break if not tempered right. The thing is so small, it is a pain to make by hand.
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    Ever cast a bad batch of Roundballs?

    The formula is MVX720 divided by twist to get 16364 RPM's. I cast perfect balls and bullets and was able to hit steel chickens at 200 meters with my .54 Hawken. The sprue can be a little off with no affect. I use a ladle only and have explained to keep the ladle tight and hold it in place so as...