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    44-henry replied to the thread Damascus barrel.
    Apparently it is in demand. Brockways approach was to turn custom patent plugs that were about twice as long as the original. He picked...
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    44-henry replied to the thread Ready-made patches for sale?.
    I agree that a caliper with a resolution of .001 is all you need. Harbor Freight has them for about $15 and they work fine. It is what I...
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    44-henry replied to the thread Damascus barrel.
    Buy Brockway's book on Recreating Muzzleloading Shotguns. It is certainly not a simple process, but that book will at least let you know...
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    44-henry replied to the thread CVA 1847 Walker.
    You can pretty much bet that the nipples on your CVA are metric, call up Track and they can probably help you sort it out and get the...
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    I used to have a Uberti Walker with the charcoal blued finish, I agree with what was said above that it was more of a nitre blue and not...
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    I do it all the time, my process looks much more black and is consistent and very durable though. I often have my students do it on...
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    44-henry replied to the thread Interesting Pocket Knife.
    The bolsters are integral with the liner, that much I know. I have had it up on the Bladeforum and All about Pocket Knives forum, seems...
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    It looks like a good solid knife. Personally I think it would look a lot better if you removed the grind lines which takes away from the...
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    44-henry replied to the thread Interesting Pocket Knife.
    Here are a few more. Last is a photograph of one on display at the Museum of London. I don't place a whole lot of faith in their age...
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    Picked this up this afternoon at an antique shop near Lancaster PA. Don't know much about it other than it appears to be quite old...
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    As I mentioned earlier, the extras with that gun would easily sell on Ebay for over 300. Get it for the right price and you basically...
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    I had one of the CVA brass frame Wlls Fargo models back in the early 90's, neat guns and good shooters. I would offer $300 for it. You...
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    44-henry replied to the thread router bits.
    You are talking about something spinning 20,000 rpm, you really don't want to take chances with something being out of balance at those...