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    SOLD W.Parker (Bondini)

  2. 1dogdown

    SOLD W.Parker (Bondini)

    Need to get my power steering fixed.Retired on ss.Will do 500.00 tyd lower 48
  3. 1dogdown

    SOLD W.Parker (Bondini)

    FishDFly sir,Here is the pic you requested along with one of the ramrod.Ramrod made by Simon beans a site member. Bore is in same condition as the rest of gun vg+ no rust or pits. Oal bbl length is 11in. Any further questions just ask.I will do my best to answer.
  4. 1dogdown

    SOLD W.Parker (Bondini)

    It's Commercial made by the Bondini factory in Italy.Know for there craftsmanship.Believe lock is German silver.
  5. 1dogdown

    SOLD W.Parker (Bondini)

    Thought it was priced right.According to what the last one on gb sold for.Lets do 525.00 tyd.Lower 48.
  6. 1dogdown

    SOLD W.Parker (Bondini)

    Up for sale a nice Parker pistol.Cond ition very good.oal 17in bbl 11in cal .45.These are hard to come by and very desired.Bought about 8 months ago.I never personally shot it..Will come with a ramrod.Will ship to lower 48 for 625.00 usps mo.Will listen to a fair reasonable offer. Thx Gar
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    CLOSED Bondini Hawken Pistol

    Have a Bondini Parker
  8. 1dogdown

    SOLD 1860 Army

    Sold an 1851 for same price.
  9. 1dogdown

    WANTED .36 Hawken half stock

    Placed the same add on Monday.Still up.CARFULL BOYS N GIRLS
  10. 1dogdown

    Graf’s Powder Quality?

    Grafs and Sons if in stock
  11. 1dogdown

    CLOSED .54 Flintlock Pistol

    Wow a rifle insured for only 50.00.Must be a real gem.Dont spend any more on insurance than you have to.
  12. 1dogdown

    FOR SALE knives for sale

    Your post clearly states for sale.If you wanted feedback.They should have been in accoutrements.
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    A new Bondini Parker

    Never even heard of one.Much less seen one.But when I did I knew.A great looking little 45.Now to wait on the mail.