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    How am I not paying the fee?If I send f+f I pay the fee.If not using f+f the recipient pays the fee.
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    Colostomy might cause problems

    Timber sir,I appreciate you talking so openly. I feel I have gathered alot of support. As for the system that is the same as what I wear.Thing is I always developed a hernia by the stoma.So I have a little extra buldge Have a rendezvous comming up the end of the month.Will post a pic. Thx for...
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    Shooting Bag Question

    The one I use in the pic
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    Beaver Bill delivers

    This came yesterday. Workmanship and attention to detail is phenomenal. I am so pleased.To nice for a thrower. Will be a belt hanger for the rondys.Ill find something else to abuse.
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    CLOSED Vintage axe

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    CLOSED Vintage axe

    Looking for a vintage single bit axe.Weight around 2lbs.19in handle.Stampings have to be clear.Makers True Temper,Plumb,Kelly.Norlund,Collins
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    WANTED Wolf Creek fire striker

    Looking for a Wolf Creek fire striker.
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    Do you need a persona?

    Ahoy matie
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    attaching horn to bag

    I'm in there with Loyalist.I think it's a hinderence.But to each their own.
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    WANTED H+B or Beaver Bill Hawk

    Spoke with Bill today and placed an order.Please close
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    WANTED H+B or Beaver Bill Hawk

    Somebody? How about a mighty mouse non hammer
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    WANTED H+B or Beaver Bill Hawk

    I know my chances are slim to none but.I can get the small h+b camp axe as well as a Shawnee.But would like a medium. Waiting to here from Bill on the availability of a standard thrower.If anyone has the above hit me up.Just be fair on price. Thx
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    H+B small camp axe ?

    Only interested in if you have the small.Most all reviews are on the medium.Would like to know how the small stacks up.Will be a belt axe.Used for light camp duties.Some light splitting of deer.Also would it be able to handle an occasional throw and do so good?
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    Trail-cam pictures.

    He has a twin plus 3 does.