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    Our Ancestors

    Most of the boys/men who joined on both sides early in the War did so for the adventure. Getting away from the drudgery of the family farm was a big incentive. Later in the War the draft on both sides was instituted. The word had spread of the carnage and suddenly it didn't seem like such a...
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    Minnie Ball Stuck 1861 Springfield

    Since you have killed the charge I would try something like Kroil down both ends. Let it sit for a few minutes then try moving it again.
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    July 2021 Postal Match

    Got out to the range today with my Hawken .45 percussion rifle. I installed a set of peep sights I had laying around. My first couple of shots hit the rings, but then the rear aperture got too dark too see. Might have been cloud cover or who knows what but I couldn't hit the side of a barn...
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    Round ball mold by T/C

    It is an aluminum mold. At least a magnet does not stick to it. I cast some balls with it today. They were well formed but did have large sprues. This mold belonged to my Dad, and It appears it has never been used. I also have a T/C mold -maxi ball. It is steel, and clearly marked as...
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    What did you do today

    Shot in our Members only postal match for the month of July.
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    July 2021 Postal Match

    Pistol. T/C Patriot .440 RB 30 g 777 P.T. Patch/bore butter Will try rifle next week if possible.
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    Round ball mold by T/C

    Were these made by Lyman? Or did T/C actually manufacture them?
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    Ruger Old Army trigger

    My two blued ROA's made in the mid 1970's both have smooth trigger blades.
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    Zonie's condition.

    Zonie, take care of yourself. Praying for you.
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    Mr. Spock and Flintlocks

    Saw the tail end of that episode this weekend.
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    Let the Games Begin!!!

    Have fun. Will be very satisfying when you first make smoke with it.
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    The Ruger New/ Old Army

    That debt was paid in blood. WW2.
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    Trail-cam pictures.

    Beautiful Pics. I saw a ground hog -no camera needed-cross my yard the other day. Does that count?
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    New Englander Value Question

    Nit Wit Thanks for the tip. I just tried that on a couple of my own t/c rifles.
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    The Ruger New/ Old Army

    My Two. Dad's and mine. I bought mine in 1975/76, Dad liked mine so much he bought one himself. Trips to the local gun range with Dad, black powder smoke rolling. Good times. He's been gone many years now. Happy Fathers Day in heaven Pop.